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Profiler is a WordPress theme with a different design to showcase a persons professional profile in new style. With Supernova WordPress resume theme, you can build a resume website, personal portfolio website, or an about me website. This resume WordPress theme has the modern design and all the essential features required to present the professional profile of an individual with maximum of attraction.

Having a personal resume created with profiler and portfolio website you can present your skills, qualifications, and complete professional profile with full control and balance over everything you want people to know about yourself. Profiler WordPress theme delivers quintessential features an individual needs to present himself, his work, skills, expertise, his ongoing projects, achievements and so on.

If you get a good exposure, you will definitely get a good growth in your career. This resume WordPress theme helps you to reach wider audience and makes a great impression in front of a visitor/recruiter.

Following are the features to build up your perfect resume website

Location of your basic profile info: The top left corner (first visible place on the homepage) contains your profile picture, your name, little description, social icons linking to your facebook, twitter profiles and your complete contact detail.

Profile picture on top left corner: Profile picture appear all the time on the website, whenever recruiter read any part of your resume. A good profile picture, influence recruiter to go through your complete resume.

Show your keyskills to recruiter: Companies are getting hundreds to resume everyday, recruiter didn’t have enough time to find your key skills from so many resumes. It’s suggested to show your key skill set with priority helps you to find good job.

Let them connect you easily: Show every possible way to recruiter, so that they can easily connect you, communicate you when they find your resume useful. Show then your phone no, email, your home address, social icons so that they can easily connect you with social networks.

Middle portion for menu section. Easy for navigation: If recruiter gets influenced then make easy for them to navigate each and every part of your resume.

Create different menu to show your skill set

You can create different type of menu to show about yourself eg: About yourself, about your key skill, blog section to share your past stuffs that you have done or created, portfolio to show images of your project works that you have done in past, awards, work experience, contact detail, gallery.

About YourSelf Page – You can tell about personal life, your schooling, college life. Recruiter always want to know with whom they are working with, their likes, dislikes,  there social behaviour, can it will be easy for you to work in team and many more.

Tell about your skills – Theme is designed in way that you can easily show all of your skills set with description, charts. First keep key skill set at top then describe each and every key skill in the page.

Graph help you to show your skill set in percentage. Expert has 100% in scale and you can adjust the percentage buy your self.

Share Your Past Stuffs – Theme comes with blog section, So that you can show all of your previously done stuff in a well managed form.

Keep update about your works in blog section with a detail description, how you done and manage your task. It helps recruiter to know about your creativity.

Images capture users attention. Portfolio section to show your work – Take image of task you have done previously and upload it in gallery section, So that recruiter can easily judge what you have done in the project.

Build reputation. Showcase your best works rewards – You can show rewards of your best previous works. It help you to built reputation.

Create difference from freshers. Show work experience – Tell about your previous organization you worked, How many years you have worked there. Duration you worked, on which profile you worked there.

Contact Form – Theme comes with default contact form that helps other to contact you via your contact form. You will receive an email once any once contacted you.

Theme comes with 3 column interface.


  1. Perfect for resume/portfolio/About me website.
  2. Resume page template to show work experience and percentage of expertise level.
  3. Homepage basically designed on About Me concept. Yet more useful features.
  4. Ability to upload a Virtual Business Card that’ll have its download link on Homepage.
  5. Useful features for blogging including ability to post blogs in Video & Audio formats.

about me, cv, vcard

Useful CV Theme Features

  • Many short codes to create call to action buttons, skills page, accordions, listings, pricing table and more.
  • Pricing page for service providers to offer various price packages to their customers.
  • Feature of vCard download button available on homepage. Recruiters or your customers can download and keep your business card.
  • Individuals can post audios or videos to introduce himself more effectively. Its will be great resume theme for bloggers and arts and media related professionals.
  • Integrated Google Map and a working contact form on the contact page to make contacting easy for the recruiters.
  • Powerful Admin Panel allows easy customization and bridges the gap between developers, designers and end-users.
  • A particular page template to show your achievements and awards. It could be the best part of your resume site.
  • Resume page template to displays your top required information (experience, skills, etc) in a well organized manner.
  • Full-width gallery background to share your moments with visitors.
  • All pages designed and developed on Bootstrap Framework.
  • Short-Code to build About Page with creativity.

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