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Dried seafood has been consumed by humans for centuries. Traditional preservation methods like sun drying, smoking, and salting of fish are still used by people with modern touch & technologies.

So, if you are a dry fish seller and want to have a global presence through a website. Then, Dried Fish WordPress Theme will be the correct platform for you.

The unique and responsive design of this template will help dry fish makers, seafood sellers, sundry fish retailers, stock fish stores, smoked fish merchants, dry marine food dealers and others to sell dried seafood online.

Single Page Layout For Easy Seafood Navigation

One of the major benefits of StockFish WordPress theme is the single page layout.

  1. Single page website is designed for easy navigation & load faster on variety of different browsers.
  2. Content in the form of text, as well as images, can be properly stuffed in this design.
  3. This theme will give you a mobile friendly and responsive website to sell dried seafood.

Sell Dried Seafood Online With WooCommerce

Another advantage that you get with this theme as a seller is WooCommerce.

  1. This feature allows you to sell dry seafood and marine fishes online 24/7 from the site.
  2. Supports different types of taxes and discounts that can be offered on preserved sea products.
  3. PayPal helps you secure each and every sales transaction.
  4. Provides frequent stock updates about your online dry fish store.

Unique Facilities Of Stock Fish WordPress Theme & Template

Full-Width Slider: – This is a section in the theme where you can project images of your dried fish products in an appealing way. These sliders come along with a small text and headline which explains the image shown.  

Service Area: – Here you can define various seafood services that are offered by your online stock fish store. Also display product details like item name, price tag, product image and text.

Blog Section: – This is a place in Dried Fish WordPress Theme which allows you to stuff blog posts and articles on dried sea products.

Categorized Gallery: –In this area, you can showcase images on preserved fish and seafood which can further be bifurcated into categories.

Dried Fish WordPress Theme

Additional Features Of Dried Fish WordPress Theme & Template:-

  1. Animated Service Section
  2. Single Page Website Design
  3. WooCommerce Facility
  4. Compatible With Latest WordPress
  5. Multiple Theme Layouts
  6. 100% Responsive
  7. Attractive Blog Section
  8. Location In Google Map
  9. Social Media Icons
  10. Easy To Setup
  11. Different Colour Styles
  12. Cross-Browser Support
  13. Categorized Gallery Area
  14. Widgetized Footer Area
  15. Embed Video Clip

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