5 Lead Enrichment Tools: Free 100 Social Profiles & Data

Want to know more about your leads?


But how would you do that?

Don’t have to worry. There are a number of ways which makes your job easier.

In this article, I have compiled 5 Best Lead Enrichment Tools through which you will get to know your customer in deep. These enrichment software transforms a single piece of data into a complete person’s profile.

When you enter person’s email address, name, or phone number and hit the “Search” button then lead enrichment software will prepare a comprehensive report on a person and gives accurate results such as:-

  • First & last name
  • Social media accounts
  • Professional profiles
  • Location
  • Gravatar

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Let’s explore the list of email enrichment software one by one:-

1. MailGet Enricher:- Lead Enrichment Tools

MailGet Enricher is a stupendous lead enrichment tool with which you can identify the leads via email address. When you entered the email address and click on the “Search” button the software extract all social & professional link from multiple data source associated with that email address.


  • You can search people data in bulk with the help of this software, just upload the list of email address and they will retrieve all information related to the person.
  • The data enrichment tool works with an email address to find people information on the social web.
  • The email enrichment tool sends data enriched file at your email address so, that you can easily download the file & start contacting in a personalized way.



A Plan:- In the first plan, you would be charged $4 in a month where the user will search data of 200 leads.

B Plan:- The second plan will charge you $19/mo where you can search for 1000 leads information.

C Plan:- Under the third plan, the user will get 5,000 leads information by just paying $ 99/mo.

D Plan:- As for this plan, you need to pay the amount of $175/mo and get info about 10,000 leads.

While, it provides you with more similar plans, till 1,000,000 emails as per the plan you choose.

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I dabbled in a couple of email enrichment software and found MailGet Enricher best among them in terms of features and pricing. The software really impressed me with its workflow.
So, try the software & decide it by yourself!!!

2. Pipl:-

Pipl is an amazing social searcher software which lets you find people across social networking sites like Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram and many others. All you need to do is enter person name, email address or phone number then Pipl brings all data related to that person.



  • With Pipl, you can search data in bulk by just uploading the .csv or .xls file that contains email addresses or phone numbers and Pipl convert that data into complete people information.
  • With the software, you will get a clear picture of your leads which will help to improve the marketing campaign for your business.
  • The best part of the software is that it has an ability to find people by their geographic location, state, or zip code.


A Plan:- You would be charged $99 per month for 200 matches.

B Plan:- You would be charged $199 per month for 500 matches.

C Plan:- You would be charged $299 per month for unlimited matches.

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3. BeenVerified:-

Another interesting software is BeenVerified which allows you to find people across a number of social networking sites by just using their email address. They will show you everything that people might be doing on the social web and provide enough information so that you can dig up on someone easily.



  • BeenVerified works with email id, phone number or residential area. So, you can search people through this information and the tool transforms that data into complete person’s profile.
  • The software provides comprehensive reports on a person including contact information, personal details, relative’s, property records, social media data, professional information, and much more.
  • The people finder tool gives accurate and verified results so that you can identify your leads in a much better way. Along with that it also shows a person’s criminal history which helps you to tackle that person accordingly.


At $26.89, the user will get 1-month membership where they can find people name, address, age, location, phone number, photos, social media account and much more.

Just by paying $17.48, the user will get 3-month membership where they can find people name, address, age, location, phone number, photos, social media account and much more.

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4. Clearbit:-

The Clearbit is a great data enrichment tool which gives simple and easy to use interface that allows searching of person & company’s profiles throughout the web and gives fairly accurate results that help you to understand the leads.



  • Clearbit gives a wide range of information on a person including person’s name, surname, job profile, bio, company name, location, and much more. 
  • The software provides fresh real-time data of your lead so you will always keep yourself up-to-date about the leads.
  • Clearbit offers a number of integrations such as Zapior, Slack, Salesforce, Marketo, Segment and many others.


At $99, the user will get data of 2500 person in a month.

Pay $149 and you will be able to find the detail of 5000 people.

In $199 you can search data of 10,000 people in a month.

Note:- If you are using Salesforce and Marketo then Clearbit will charge you $499 per month for unlimited leads.

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 5. FullContact | Get 100 FREE Matches

FullContact is popular contact finder tool which shows you – people information from public records and social networking sites. With FullContact, you can find someone through an email address, phone number or name.



  • The FullContact search engine automatically identifies an email address whether it is valid or not and prepare the list of valid email address that helps you to increase your business performance and reduce the bounce rate.
  • FullContact provides a number of integrations such as MailChimp, Wrike, LiveChat, Nimble, Pardot, SalesforceIQ, and many more.
  • The software has no setup fees but charges you on the basis of correct matches and verified email addresses.


Starter Plan:- Starter plan will charge you $99 per month where you are able to find 2500 matches.

Plus Plan:- In plus plan, you would be charged $299 for a month where you can find 15000 matches.

Premium Plan:- In the premium plan, you would be charged $499 for a month where you can find 50,000 matches.

Enterprise Plan:- For enterprise plan, you can contact the FullContact sales team.

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6. Behind:-

Behind is a wondrous people search engine through which you will get person’s social media account, professional records, company details, in a few mins, you just need to enter the email address of the person and Behind shows that who is the person behind of that email address.



  • Behind email enrichment software search lead on 50+ social networks and then provides a comprehensive report on a person.
  • With the Behind search engine, you can find people in bulk. The software allows accessing 2000,000 email profiles at a time.


For pricing plan, you have to contact Behind sales team.

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So, these are some email enrichment software which helps you in finding social media account details by email address. Using these tool, you can get all the information belongs to that email in few clicks which saves your lot of time.

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