How to Use Traffica WordPress Theme on Your Website

Traffica is our newly launched WordPress theme.

Traffica is a very expressive theme to nourish your business (whether small or large) with extremely high functionality.

In the following guidelines, you will know how to use Traffica theme on your website.

Following are the points that have been explained:

  • What is Traffica Theme?
  • How to install Traffica Theme?
  • How to upload logos, favicon on the website?
  • How to activate slider on the home page?
  • How to use home page feature area?
  • How to use homepage bottom feature?
  • How to change the theme style options?
  • How to add social icons?
  • How to use footer?
  • How to create posts?
  • How to create drop down menu?
  • How to create gallery page?

Let’s discuss the above topics one by one.

What is Traffica theme?

Traffica is a simply designed WordPress theme for various types businesses. It is very simple and easy to use, and any business professional can create his website without any difficulty. It requires a single click installation and your website will be ready within no time.

How to Install Traffica theme?

Before installing Traffica theme on your website make sure that:

  • You have a web server installed on your machine.
  • You have installed WordPress on your server.

Installing the theme is very simple and easy. It will hardly take a minute. Just follow the simple steps given below:

  • Go to your WordPress dashboard to install the theme.

Dashboard –> Themes –> Install Themes

install theme

  • Choose the downloaded file and upload it on your dashboard.

Upload –> Choose File –> Install Now

step to install theme

  • Click on Activate option to activate the theme.

click on activate

  • The theme is now active, and you can configure it from Theme Options panel.

manage theme

How to upload logo, favicon and background image on the website?

Uploading logo, favicon and background images on the website is very simple. Moreover, you can mention the mobile navigation menu on the website (which will display when the theme is opened in mobile browsers) and add Google tracking code. Just go to your dashboard and do the following steps:

Dashboard –> Appearance –> Theme Options –> General Settings

After uploading the logos, favicon, mobile navigation menu and tracking code, click on Save All Changes button.

general settings of a theme

How to activate the slider on the home page?

In the slider, you can show maximum of 6 images whereas minimum would be one. Moreover, with each slider image a button is also added. You can set button text according to you.

You can activate the slider on the home page by performing the following steps given below.

Dashboard –> Appearance –> Theme Options –> Slider Settings

Click on Upload Image button and upload the images that you want to show in the slider.

You can set button text and give an associated link for a website that you want to link up.

 slider settings of a theme

How to use Home Page Feature Area?

In home page feature area, you can give home page main heading and sub- headings.

Moreover, you can set 4 feature images with heading and description.

Dashboard –> Appearance –> Theme Options –> Homepage Feature Area

homepage feature area settings

How to use Home Page Bottom Feature Area?

In home page bottom feature area, you can give home page blog heading and turn On/Off the blog post.

You can set homepage bottom-left feature area, homepage accordion feature and homepage testimonial feature with good heading and description.

You have options to set testimonial image and also testimonial link text with your Website name.

Dashboard –> Appearance –> Theme Options –> Homepage Bottom Feature

 homepage bottom feature area settings

How to change the Theme Style?

There are various styling options available in the theme. You can change the style of the theme through the following procedure.

Dashboard –> Appearance –> Theme Options –> Styling Options

Moreover, you can also add your own CSS code here for any customization.

theme style settings

How to Add Social Icons on the website?

Social icons are very useful for a website. There are various social icons available in the theme. The social icons will be displayed in the footer.

You can use them through the following procedure.

Dashboard –> Appearance –> Theme Options –> Social Icons

social icons settings 

How to use footer settings?

You can set the text of your choice that will be displayed in the footer. You can do it through the following procedure.

Dashboard –> Appearance –> Theme Options –> Footer Settings

step to set footer

How to create posts on the website?

You can easily create a post on your website by following steps given below:

Dashboard –> Posts –> Add New

Write the post name with relevant content as shown in the image given below

step to add post in a theme

You can also select the category for the post, or you can create a new category. Then click on Publish.

step to publish post

Just see in the image given below how the post appears on the website. post view in frontt page

How to create drop down menus?

You can easily customize menu with the following steps:

Dashboard-> Appearance-> Menus

 select menu

Give Menu Name (let’s say menu) and click on Create Menucreate new menu

Create a Home page of the website and click on Add to Menu.

step to create home page

Similarly select pages for the menu by putting check and click on Add to Menu.

step to add pages into menu

You can drop down pages according to your choice, put check on Main Menu and then click on Save Menu. step to set menu

See how menu appears in the front end.

traffica web page

How to create gallery page on the website?

You can easily create a gallery page in the theme by following the steps given below:

Dashboard –> Pages –> Add New

click on add new option

Click on Add Media to create gallery.

click on add media

Create Gallery-> Upload Files-> Select Files

 step to upload files in a gallery page

Select images to upload in a gallery.

select images to upload in a gallery files

Click on Create a new gallery button.

 click on create a new gallery

Select Columns number from the option and click on Insert gallery. click on insert gallerySelect template from the list and click on Publish button.

click on publish

Your desired gallery page is created now, and it will look like this.

 gallery page view


I hope now you can understand the above steps to use Traffica theme on your website.

Let me know your feedback about this wonderful theme.

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9 Replies to “How to Use Traffica WordPress Theme on Your Website”

  1. How can I get rid of the Home Page Bottom Feature stock data? For example, I am seeing the Ink Themes facebook feed on my page. Thanks!

  2. Hello – I love the way this theme works but I have one question. I’d like to remove the accordion and testimonial sections at the bottom of the home page, and insert photos and text instead. How can I do that? Thanks!

  3. Are you instructions pertaining to the paid version only? I am using the free version and have only two sliders. I’d like to add more than two slides. Should I get the paid version? Thanks, Raymond

  4. Hi ,
    I have the free version of traffica. The social icons are not showing on the customise page or General settings. Also Is it possible to remove the side bar?

  5. Questions:
    1) How can I move the slider text bars? I’d like to move them up or down… away from the center of the image.
    2) How can I move the slider button ( for URL ) down?

  6. Hi,
    I am using the Child Theme and would like use full width on some pages without the sidebar. How can I achieve this?


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