11+ Best Free Gadgets WordPress Themes 2019


Looking for Gadgets WordPress Themes to give your website a retina ready techie feel?

Technology keeps us on our toes, there’s no doubt about it. This is where a number of industries grew so as to create the world where technology provides an easy means to a living.

With the fast-rising technology, a need for phones, tablets, and accessory are also growing. This has led to a number of online stores to sell the same. Thus, making them attractive yet utilizing through the web templates is necessary.

Gadget WordPress themes are focused on giving your website a good look and feel. Consider these themes, they come with the promise of success, so why turn your back on them?

Get started right away and see how your sales increase!

Digital Website designing is quite an easy task with our themes… Make it handy through some more themes in our collection!

PCSelling – Computer Selling & Distributing WordPress Theme

If you are looking to create a website that sells computer hardware and peripheral devices online, then look no further. The PCSelling WordPress theme is exactly what you need.

Allow your visitors to experience the freedom of shopping with the integrated WooCommerce plugin that the theme is equipped with.

This TechSolution WordPress theme is perfect for computer hardware sellers, retailers, vendors, distributors, and dealers.

PCSelling WP theme

Salient Features Of PCSelling WordPress Template

  • The PayPal gateway secures all transactions, making your website safe to use.
  • Categorize your website in accordance with software or hardware.
  • With the photo slider, there is an increased ease of use for your customers.
  • Demonstrate the difference services you offer in the 3-columns of the theme.
  • If you want to entice your users, then you can do so with the blog section of the theme. Share buying tips, updates, as well as the latest news in technology with your users.

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SecureCam – CCTV Camera WordPress Theme

Security surveillance is no easy job. Businesses and residential areas alike are in need for surveillance. Create a professional template for yourself with this SecurityCam WordPress theme as it promises to add a hint of grace to your online CCTV camera store.

Integrated with the WooCommerce plugin, this theme makes it all the easier to sell products online.

Safety equipment stores, surveillance systems and other related industries can make use of security systems WordPress theme.

SecureCam WP theme

Attributes Of SecureCam WordPress Template

  • The admin panel lets you configure your website in accordance with your needs and requirements.
  • Payment is made via the PayPal gateway which ensures that your customers and their transactions are secured.
  • With the blog section, you can inform your users and readers about the latest happenings in your business. You can also provide installation guides online.
  • Your business logo can be featured at the top of your site so as to garner more attention towards your company.

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SnapStick – Selfie Stick Sale WordPress Theme

Every single one of us has undoubtedly had to stop a stranger in his tracks in order to procure a photo. Well, that problem was solved with the invention of the selfie stick.

But, take a minute to consider if they’re marketed enough? Not quite, right? This is where you come in with your selfie stick sale shop for which we’ve crafted SnapStick WordPress theme.

Selfie stick providers, local mobile shops, camera lens makers and many other similar niches can make use of this Selfie stick WordPress theme.

snapstick WP theme

Ingredients Of SnapStick WordPress Template

  • Integrated with the WooCommerce plugin, this theme lets you sell all your products online.
  • The Cart and checkout option lets customers add multiple items to their shopping cart making shopping an easy ordeal.
  • With multiple sidebar widgets, you can add price filters, popular products, user comments and so on.
  • The theme comes with a homepage video box area where you can upload live tutorials of just about anything.
  • Promote your business online by posting the latest trends in the blog section of the theme.

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FixCamera – Security Camera And Alarm Installation WordPress Theme

The FixCamera WordPress theme is specifically designed in order to give an online presence to maintenance and alarm installation companies. Install this theme in order to explore the depths of safety techniques!

Security gadgets WordPress theme lets your various products to be displayed on the homepage. Every product page can be detailed alongside the customers’ feedback.

Security agents, safekeeping centers, system engineers, bell installers and other such businesses can make use of this template. 

fixcamera WP theme

Elements Of FixCamera WordPress Template

  • The template comes with the WooCommerce plugin which has a cart and a checkout page.
  • With the client feedback section, you can establish trust among your customers.
  • The theme comes with a blog section that lets you post important and vital information to your users.
  • The ad banner section on the web page lets you learn side by side.
  • Shortcodes let you add an unlimited feature section.

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GoldenEbook – Ebook Selling WordPress Theme

The GoldenEbook WordPress theme is one of the best ways to create your own eBook selling website. The template lets you sell eBooks on your website.

The theme can be employed by magazines, newspapers, textbooks, blogs and so on. You can gain access to a fully hosted WooCommerce solution which takes you through, letting you set up your online bookstore.

The Ebook WordPress template also comes with the ability to take the sales of your eBook to the next level. The theme also enables order processing, easy payments, and inventory tracking.

Golden Ebook WP theme

Attributes Of GoldenEbook WordPress Template

  • The GoldenEbook theme comes with a font awesome feature. These icons are of prime importance as they are a visual way to add meaning to your content.
  • Display your eBooks on the homepage. You can also explain all your services in a clear manner.
  • With the client testimonial section, you can feature all that your clients have to say about you.
  • The template also comes with an inbuilt SEO which enables you to leverage the customers that shop from your website.
  • The theme comes with an impressive gallery that lets you feature all your images on the homepage.

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PowerPlug – Plug Adapter WordPress Theme 

A website for plug adapters wouldn’t seem so strange in the new age world. This is exactly why the PowerPlug WordPress theme came into being.

The plugs & sockets WordPress template is essentially a lightweight framework which provides a self-explanatory platform for power adapters. It comes with a number of layouts including a gallery page, a blog page, and a contact page with Google map.

Electrical shops, hardware stores, and other similar plug adapter manufacturers can make use of this theme.

powerplug WP theme

Ingredients Of PowerPlug WordPress Template

  • The theme comes with a WooCommerce plugin which enables you to set up an eCommerce website, presenting your products for sale.
  • With the help of the admin panel, you can add product names along with their pictures and description.
  • There are two modes of payment supported by the theme. Either with the PayPal gateway or by sending a cheque to the office address.
  • The column feature segment lets you educate your clients about the efficiency and other facts about your industry.

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ShipElectro – Electronics Shipping WordPress Theme

If you happen to be someone who is involved in delivering electronic items and are looking for a website template, then the ShipElectro WordPress theme is ideal for you.

It allows you to transform your offline trade into an online one almost instantaneously. The theme has its very own lead capture plugin, which allows you to capture vital information about your clients.

Shipelectro WP theme

Elements Of ShipElectro WordPress Template

  • The theme has a back-end admin panel which ensures that you can take and track shipping orders with ease.
  • The full-width slider section of the theme lets you showcase all the steps that are involved in your process. This ensures that there is a level of transparency maintained.
  • The columned feature area lets you showcase the best of your services.
  • With the blog section, you can connect with your client, sharing new information with them.

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SmartBook – Flat Ebook Selling WordPress Theme

Are you looking to bring your bookstore, library, or publishing house to the world-wide-web? If you answered yes, then we have just the right thing for you – SmartBook WordPress theme.

SmartBook WordPress theme lets you launch your libraries and publishing houses on the internet in the simple click. It comes with an integrated WooCommerce feature which transforms your bookstore into an eCommerce website.

Librarians, publishers, bookstores, and booksellers can make use of this theme in order to obtain maximum benefit.

Smartbook WP theme

Features Of SmartBook WordPress Template

  • Display the arrival of new books along with their price tags.
  • The video section enables you to make tutorial videos for customers so that all confusion about purchasing is eliminated.
  • The testimonial section lets customers share experiences of their time with you. This is a great way to establish a foundation among your users.  
  • Tell your stories with blogs! This can include tips to writers, book reviews and so on.

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MobileShop – Mobile Supermarket E-commerce WordPress Theme

The MobileShop WordPress theme can be employed by mobile stores, mobile phone dealers, smartphone supermarkets and so on.

The Smartphone WordPress theme essentially lets you create an eCommerce website that lets you offer customers varied current offers, value-added services, and special delivery options. With the product category option, you are allowed to categorize your devices in a simple fashion.

Mobile WP theme

Characteristics Of MobileShop WordPress Template

  • With the admin panel, you can add a variety of features to your website, including the type of screen, camera megapixel, sim compatibility and so on.
  • The theme has an add cart feature which gives you flexibility during online shopping.
  • Payments are secured via the PayPal gateway which ensures that your customers’ money is in safe hands.
  • The theme comes built-in with HTML and CSS3 codes that gives your site a great look and feel.
  • The slider section lets you display the latest mobile deals and offers.

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SellMyCell – Phone Selling E-commerce WordPress Theme

The SellMyCell WordPress theme is one of the best eCommerce themes that is specifically designed for online mobile stores, mobile shops, mobile dealers and phone selling companies.

With phone recycling, WordPress theme comes with a Submit Vendor Application. This essentially enables users to sell their old phones or second-hand devices on your website.

SellMyCell WP theme

Specifications Of SellMyCell WordPress Template

  • The theme also comes with an InkMultiVendor plugin.
  • The sliding section of the theme gives your website a great look and feel.
  • With the WooCommerce plugin, you can list out your products.
  • A pre-built shop page template allows you to present your mobile products along with a short description. You can also include the discount value with the original value.
  • There is a client rating system which lets you review and comment on your products.

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USBPower – USB Charger Sale WordPress Theme 

The USBPower WordPress theme lets you sell USB chargers across the globe with the help of a website.

The responsive and innovative design of this theme can be used by people who sell mobile chargers, tech accessories, USB chargers and portable chargers. The Key USB WordPress theme comes with an attractive e-store which enables you to sell USB chargers.

USB power WP theme

Features Of USB Power WordPress Template

  • Sell high tech charges online 24/7.
  • The PayPal gateway secures your payment transactions instantaneously.
  • The product section allows you to select a product name, product image, and price for each product.
  • With the Add to Cart feature, you can add multiple devices to your cart before checking out.
  • An accordion menu lets you place information about your devices in the small spaces of your website.

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SmartCover – Phone Case Selling WordPress Theme

The SmartCover WordPress theme lets you create an online phone cover store which lets you set up an online showroom in a couple of minutes.

The telephone WordPress template comes with a WooCommerce plugin which lets you keep track of upcoming phone case sales, reviews and phone case stock levels.

SmartCover WP theme

Specifications Of SmartCover WordPress Template

  • The add to cart feature lets customers add multiple items to their carts.
  • With the single page checkout, you can avoid loading a new page at each stage of your process.
  • The template is secured by the PayPal gateway. This aids easy payments for phone accessories.
  • Shipping options are available. This includes free shipping, flat rate shipping and cash on delivery.

Theme Info + DownloadLive Demo


The aforementioned Gadget WordPress themes are very simple to procure, use and deploy. Get started with these themes right away and watch as your business skyrockets higher & higher.

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