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Now you can easily setup a WP directory listing website and start earning online. GeoCraft v2 Theme lets you get your City Business Directory Website online within minutes.

Here are some questions that would cross your mind when you listen to the word Directory Listing Website:

What is Directory Listing Website?

Business Directory Websites are places on the internet where different businesses can add themselves in listing and can advertise and promote their business.

Your website contains useful information for visitors about quality, features, pricing of products and services from various business owners that customers need to know.

How you can earn from it?

Customers pay. Yes, you got us right, you own a Reputed Directory Website, so you can charge for listings in your website and your customers would be happy to pay.

Have a look to this quick video, that will set things up for you :

How much can you earn per customer?

Depending upon your niche selection and type of customers, you can get a good amount per listing.

The main factor behind your charges is – How well you rank on Google and if it can generate leads for your customers?

If you have a ranking local site then you can get even $1000 per month from one customer.

Suppose you have 500 customers and they pay you only $100 per month, it means you get $50000 per month from your single website alone.

Well, that’s not the only way you can monetize your directory listings, there are many more such as these mentioned below:

Through Google Ads and other Ad Sources: Running advertisements on your directory site will be great to earn direct revenue. You can easily get good number of clicks on your ads by placing ads relevant to your website content. Such as if you have created a listing of two-wheeler brands, placing ads-banners of vehicles will definitely get more clicks to your ads.

GeoCraft theme provides enough AD-Space to let you monetize your website traffic.

Barter Ranking Positions in your listings: Offer higher rankings to those advertisers who pay you better. With GeoCraft, it becomes so easy to alter the positions in listings. You can also decide which listing entries are to be featured on top of your website to give more visibility and which entries are to be given low priority.

So, if any advertiser wants more visibility, he will pay the cost and you can put him on top the listing in a particular category. This way you can arrange all the listings based on the prices various advertisers are ready to pay.

Advantages of directory listing website

Apart from money, WP directory listing website has another advantage that it has same clone page for every listing.

You do not need to develop each individual page from scratch.

And when it comes to WordPress with GeoCraft theme, It becomes amazingly easy to add listings and manage the whole website through a simple dashboard.

Here is the quick introduction of GeoCraft theme :

GeoCraft WordPress Theme Features :

Geocraft-directory wordpress theme

How do You get Rank on Search Engine?

Good Rank: Go for a particular niche. Remember national sites are hard to rank well but local sites can boost their rank with some efforts.

You could market by targeting a particular area and group of people.

In the early stage of your website, you can also create free listings for some customers.

This would advertise your website among other customers in the same niche.

It takes one-time small amount and gives you a profitable website within no time. Directory sites are a really perfect business model.

A little passion and eagerness to grow and earn will take you to new heights with your directory website.

Decide yourself and get GeoCraft WordPress Business Directory Theme now and make this as the best decision of your life.

Features Updated in Geocraft Version 2.0.5

Geo-location search feature – Geolocation location search functionality provide search results customized to the user’s location. You can list any kind of entity or activity on a Global or Local basis. This advanced, customizable, and speedy search feature drop a pin on the map during the” create a listings location process” it shows the precise location of the business. Searchify click on it’s marked location on map and system provide search results related to it’s location and explore listing without page reloads.

Geo-location search on/off feature – The theme gives you ability to turned on/off Geo-location feature from the theme option panel. If you don’t want this feature you can simply turn it off.

Claim listing feature – This features gives ability to your users to visit and claim their free and premium listings. Don’t wait for business owners to come to you! Persuade them to sign up with this claim a listing features. Supply your site with lots listing and mark these listings as claimable, then let business owners claim and pay for the listing. Claim Listing feature allows your visitors to become owner of item by getting themselves register and they’ll be able edit this item.

Features Updated in Geocraft Version 2.0.2

Fast/Quick search with newly added ajax feature – Now searching can be done on the basis of Listings, categories, text and location. Instantly search like Google can be done to get all the listings related to your search query.

Tripadvisor Icon and Custom fields Added For Single Listings – Use social icons for Single listing like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest.

Ad Banner Space – Earn money from advertising and get paid for displaying ads on your website. Now you can provide ad space for advertisers in the front page.

Directly Use Google Adsense Code – Directly insert google adsense code from the theme admin panel rather than having to insert the adsense code in the template.

Captcha To Prevent Spam Registrations – Captcha is added to the registration form and client contact form to protect your website from spam. You can anytime turn on/off the captcha from the backend panel.

Added Terms & Conditions Checkbox- Ask to your clients to agree on your terms and conditions before they register. This will avoid further problems and unnecessary discussion. Now it will compulsory for your clients to checkmark the box at the time of submitting the listing. If your policy terms are not yet ready, turn off this section from the backend panel and turn it on when needed.

Package Field Made Required – It’s compulsory for a user to select atleast one package to submit listing on your website. He can either select free/premium/ or recurring.

Latitude & Longitude Not Required to Show You On Google Map – In this updated version you don’t need to set latitude and longitude to show your location on google map and let visitors locate your address. All you need to do is just add address, and latitude and longitude will get automatically fixed.

Visitors Can Directly Contact to Publishers – Contact form embedded on each page of your listing where your visitors can directly contact to your client and ask their queries. An email is sent to your client as soon as your visitors submit the form. This email includes listing title, name, number and message.

Manually Approve Changes made by a publisher in his listing – When listing owners edit a listing, it first goes for approval. Admin can review the changes done in a listing and approve it. In dashboard we have given a option to auto approve edited listings. So it won’t be mandatory for you to update a listing manually.

Hide Custom Fields for Free Listings – Custom fields are those that contain features and details of a listed client. Admin has the privilege to not provide custom fields to clients who are listed for free. It’ll evoke the free listed clients to upgrade to paid so that they can start using custom fields.

Validate Registrations by Sending Confirmation Links to Email – Stop spammers from registering and using your system. Now, when a new user registers, a confirmation link will be automatically sent to his email for verification.

Upgrade a Free Listing to Premium Type – With a single click, users can upgrade from free to premium user and get more features. In a premium listing if any user contacts the listing owner, the owner will get all details on his email address.

GeoCraft v2- Updated Version 2.0.0

  • Typography updated- Fonts look are more advanced now.
  • Style updated- Search and Location features tabs are looking elegant. The overall design is updated with CSS 3 effect.
  • Hover effect is coming on Listings.

Key Features of GeoCraft

  • Fully Responsive City WordPress (WP) Business Directory Theme
  • One Click Auto Install. Extremely Easy to use.
  • You can create Featured Business Listing. Can generate revenue for you via Paypal (Complete Integrated System)
  • You can create Free/Paid Business Listing.
  • Fully Integrated with User Submission System.
  • Completely Integrated Google Maps System with each business listing on the basis of city.
  • Recurring Payment based listing.
  • Lead capture for individual business owners directly in WordPress dashboard.
  • Easy Add Listing for business owners.
  • Users review for different business.
  • Integrated User Rating System.
  • Claim listing feature gives ability to your users to visit and claim their listings.
  • Geo-location search feature to provide search results customized to the user’s location.
  • Responsive Designs (Completely adaptable to smarts phone and other devices).
  • Multi-language support with Language file.
  • WordPress Administrator has the ability to set a fixed amount of the listing (Pay Per Listing).
  • WordPress Administrator also has the ability to disable pay per listing and enable free listing.
  • Ability to select default currency and set appropriate amount of the package.
  • Ability to set the price listings.
  • Ability to set the Listing expiry(i.e. How many days Listing will remain published if this package is purchased).
  • Ability for Premium users to collect customer/leads detail in the WordPress dashboard.
  • Multiple colors Schemes.
  • Widgetized area for Videos etc.
  • Custom widgets for showing business listing, Users reviews etc.
  • Proper Call to action button that will generate sales for you.
  • Home Page Click to action button for asking business owners to submit their own listing.
  • Business Owners can easily register them self and submit their business listings.
  • Related business listing at the end of each post.

GeoCraft is a good deal for everyone who is willing to earn money online.

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