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coupon code plugin for WordPress

Simplest Coupon Plugin For WordPress

Viral Plaza is a powerful WordPress plugin to customize coupon codes fabulously. You can easily display these promo codes on your websites, with amazing images and pop-up window.

You all need to display good deals for your products and sell them by discounts codes. Coupon codes are generated to make this sales process- A super potential. It’s a great smart strategy to convert your visitors. A smart tool to offer an exceptional discounts & offers in front of your visitors. Amplify your sales with an Attractive display of coupon codes on your website. WordPress Viral Plaza Plugin made it easy for you.

With Viral Plaza, You can easily customize your coupon code, style it with images, different colors. It is Easily configurable for any of your websites.

What happens is, When user land on your site page and stays for a second, a window will appear featuring your great deal. You ask a user to share this deal on social sites. Once a user is done with this action, he will instantly redirect to the coupon codes. A user will get the discount code at the instant moment.

How Viral Plaza WordPress Plugin Works:

Let say a client lands on a certain restaurant website-

  • The client reaches the website.
  • After a certain allowance of time (10/15/20 seconds) a burst up seems proposing a reduced serving of food at the restaurant.
  • To specify for the discount the client should bang Like.
  • When they hit Like the offer is distributed on their wall.
  • The client is redirected to the discount code.

This way, Plugin can be used for any of your e-store online business. Provides beneficial Call To Action for your business. Reach instant customization for your discount offer or promotional offer and proudly display it on your site. An ultra-efficient tool to change the readers’ mind, make readers to take up some action, to get access to the discount codes. Finally, results in increased sales and boosts conversion.

It’s a handy WordPress plugin for discount tickets management, easy building coupon codes pop-up window. You can easily put this coupon code framework environment on your site without touching any code. Ultra-efficient to gear-up your coupon codes designing work. Instant ready! Highly Valuable!


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