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InkTicket for WordPress is an online ticket support plugin with a well organized customer support service system. It helps you to resolve customer queries within a minimum time and in a professional manner.

Websites with small or large user base can easily handle client queries with the help of ticketing system based support. This software provides a complete knowledge base web system & customer support system.

If you are running an eCommerce or a membership site, or any online business regarding which your customers may need to inquire you about products, services, or processes, this plugin is a complete solution for your business.

Key features of the InkTicketing plugin:

1. Ticket Support System

With ticket support system, handling loads of queries becomes a lot easier. Logged in users will just enter their query details and forward the submission to you.

2. Knowledge Base

The inbuilt knowledge base section provides general information such as FAQ’s, or any additional knowledge your customers may need at times.

3. Troubleshooting

Troubleshooter section will allow your users to solve their problems on their own if they wish, without always having to get in touch with you even for very minor issues.

4. Notification Delivery System

The plugin comes with a comprehensive email notification system. This is a very helpful feature to enhance the credibility of your customer support and resolve queries on time. Here are the various facilities it provides:

  • Deliver an automated email to users when they submit a query.
  • Deliver an automated email to your support staff on a new query submission.

5. Query Filtration

Filtering queries helps you resolve queries more easily and quickly.

You can filter queries by user names, product type, query type, department type, by date range, or by current status.

  • User Name: To check the query of a particular user, you can select the user by name.
  • Query Type: Ask users to specify query type. Queries may be related to product information related, complaint related, or anything. So as a user selects a query type, it will be found in the query category defined by you. It will help you solve high priority based queries first, and other less important queries later.
  • Department Type: If a support staff is divided into specialized departments, you can ask users to select a specific department while submitting tickets. This way, it’ll become convenient to handle a bunch of tickets quickly.
  • Filter Tickets By Date: Filter out tickets by selecting any specific date range. You can quickly tap into the previous tickets using this filter.
  • Filter Tickets By Status: You have the facility to mark queries as Awaiting, For Review, Active, Closed, or Rejected, and tap into them in future using the status filter.

(This ticket plugin has easy settings both for the admin and for the user end. You can easily setup and manage the system at your end for users to interact accordingly. Complete step by step documentation guides you to easily set up a hassle free support system for your clients.)

wordpress ticket support system

Ticketing Plugin Features

  1. Add, delete, edit, and manage product queries.
  2. User friendly settings – both for admin and users.
  3. Inbuilt Knowledge base to answer FAQ’s and to provide knowledge about processes, products, and services.
  4. A ‘Troubleshooters’ section to let users fix least complex issues on their own.
  5. Trouble ticketing plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme.
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