Plugin Submission Guidelines For InkThemes Marketplace

Plugin Submission Guidelines

Take a look at the current categories available for upload.

  • Magento Extension
  • Captcha
  • Custom Data
  • eCommerce
  • Tags
  • Pages
  • Images and Media
  • Social Networks
  • Utilities
  • Add-ons
  • Miscellaneous

Make sure you follow ALL the guidelines to ensure that your product is approved.

If you miss some of these points, it will result in rejection of your plugin. So stay focus and go through every single point.

A. General Guidelines

Plugin MUST be Responsive and bug free.

Design MUST be tested in several browsers to ensure compatibility.

Make sure your plugin must be compatible with the GNU General Public License v2, or any later version. Double check your licensing before you start writing your plugin code.

Plugin must be your own and if you use any assets that belongs to third party, you must have a license that gave you permission to use and resell them.

It must have all necessary files – PHP Scripts, Javascript, HTML5, CSS.

Documentation, design and plugin description MUST NOT contain spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Item or installation price CANNOT be set at a higher price than elsewhere.

Files uploaded MUST be completely free of JavaScript or any other errors.

Plugin Description MUST be written in English.

B. Demo Link

Live preview MUST NOT employ redirects or use URL shorteners.

Do not put any BUY NOW button on the demo.

Demo link MUST represent the exact plugin for sale at its latest approved version.

Live preview MUST consistently load quickly and without error.

Your demo link CANNOT use iframes or any links within the demo which enable a user to purchase the plugin from anywhere other than InkThemes.

C. Licenses and attribution

Item description and documentation MUST include attribution links to third-party assets.

Third-party assets used in the creation of your plugin MUST be properly licensed or free for commercial use.

Examples of third-party assets include Plugins, components, textures, images, photographs, icons, glyph, fonts, sounds, music, video and source artwork (e.g .psd or .ai files)

Item CANNOT include any third-party assets in the .zip file that are not licensed for distribution.

D. Process After Submission (Benefits & Exposure)

After your plugin submission, the review team will test the plugin as per the guidelines mentioned above.

If any errors found, the plugin will be reverted back and proper feedback will be shared with the author.

If plugin is approved, it will be live at InkThemes and we will take care the rest of the things.

We will market your product among 40,000+ InkThemes and a proper email will be sent.

You will get 50% of the sales (as a non exclusive author) after PayPal charges, Affiliate Commission. For more information you can visit the sell page.

You can also submit your plugin to other marketplaces. There are no restrictions.

Note:– Make sure you provide support for plugin that you submit.. In case you don’t, plugin won’t be approved..

If you are a developer and would like to upload a plugin or extension into any of these categories then we suggest you to go ahead with the following link and submit your plugin.