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Organizing a professional event required lots of time, effort and great project management skillset.

One of the best way to make sure to organize great event is by having a great looking website that your audience would love to visit and recommend to their peers.

A great Website can oversell your tickets.

Statistics suggest having a great looking event website coupled with smart event sharing options can increase the sales of your ticket by over 500%. This gives us an idea on how crucial a professional event website can be for running your very next event.

What Professional Event Organizers Do ?

We jotted down few things that professional event organizers do to make their events successful and sell it to their audience.

  1. Show Event Details Effectively
    They effectively display all the event details on the website. They make sure to add all the latest components on their website, like animations, awesome graphics, background music, great content and everything else to make their event website look great.
  2. Special Coverage for Special Guest
    If the event has some special attractions or any special guests, they make sure to devote a special section for them on the website which most of the audience sees while navigating the website. Having a special guest along with making sure that everyone in your audience knows that they would be present in the event would alone increase the chances of tickets getting oversold manifold.
  3. Event Location
    Make it easier for audience to know the location of event being organized so that they are prepared and can pass the word around to their peers as well.
  4. Selling Tickets Efficiently
    Lastly, selling the event tickets in an efficient way from the website itself, so that users are comfortable to make the purchase and pay ahead of the time and also pass on the word to their friends.

Why Eventory WordPress Theme ?

Eventory is a WordPress Theme that solves all the pains and makes it easy for you to organize and execute a great event that your audience would love to visit and remember for a long time.

Here is how Eventory Solves the big problems in event website building easily:

  1. Eventory includes specialized section to add multiple components to your website like background music. It includes precise and perfect animations along with sections to include great graphics to your website. Something that novice event organizers miss to add to their website.
  2. Includes a special section on the home page to make sure that everyone is well aware of the time left with countdown time of the event along with the location on which the event is going to happen.
  3. There is a section on the website where people can buy tickets or any specialized mechandise that you are offering for your event. The selling section is built on top of WooCommerce a popular WordPress ecommerce plugin.
  4. You can include the details of your special guest in the homepage 3 column grids and add special attractions and attendees in the list. Having this section makes sure that everyone is well aware of the special appearance well ahead of time.

Technology Used and What would you need to setup Eventory ?

Eventory is a WordPress Theme to setup your event website. So, you the only bare minimum requirement is to have WordPress installed on your server to use Eventory. There are no hassles or coding skills required to setup your next great event website. The theme comes with a themes options panel to make it easier for you to setup everything like your event logos, graphics etc from the theme options panel itself.


event wordpress website

Events WordPress Theme Overview

  • Attractive Full Graphic Slider – Something to capture users attention to your event. People love great images of the event.
  • Event Calendar – Manage Event Dates on the Calendar effectively.
  • Countdown Timer – Your audience is clear when the event is going to happen. Just so that they don’t miss it and also convey that event is happening to their peers.
  • Sell Event Tickets – We made Eventory to make sure you sell 500% more tickets than everyone else in your competition. Integrates with WooCommerce for ticket selling.
  • Custom Navigation Menu – Customize what you want to display on your website menu. Attractive things gets the place on the front.
  • Social Sharing – Makes it easy for your audience to share your event with their peers on social networking website like Facebook and Twitter.
  • Shortcodes – Add interactive components to your website with ease.
  • Great Blog Design – A great event comes with a great blog to update news and latest happenings. Eventory has that in it.
  • Event Branding – Brand Your event in any colors that you love to have and something that your audience would love.
  • Powerful Theme Admin Option – 0% coding required. Becuase everything to customize is included in theme options panel. So build website in a snap!
  • Mobile Friendly – Tons of devices but your website will look awesome across every possible device or browser. So spend time on the things that matter and leave everything else for Eventory.

Eventory is an absolutely clean, beautiful and modern Event WordPress Theme. It’s a perfect WordPress Theme to promote your events and take it to all new level among your audience. It’s equipped with  modern, interactive and  impressive features to present your events. It has got amazing layout, fabulous color combination and easy interface. Lots of useful functions are inbuilt in it like, integrated Event Calender. It will help you manage the event schedule easily. It is also integrated with various Shortcodes to quickly create different website elements.

Certainly, no coding efforts are required. It’s all superbly easy and autonomous. Your complete website will be ready in just few clicks. The theme will surely give a sophisticated, appealing look to your event site with its wonderful features. Some amazing features include Full Screen Sliders, custom post area, custom widgets, custom logo, custom menu, custom style etc. Also, you can easily modify your event site according to your own requirement.

Looking for the theme suiting your event management needs takes a long time which starts to make you get bored. Search no more; Eventory Theme is a perfect selection for you. This theme has the potential to designed for any kind of event website like – festival, concert, webinar, conference, bar-camp, nightclub and more! Eventory include the detailed info of programme, artist, location, schedule and ticket selling system which make it best WordPress theme for concert. This theme has built in Countdown timer to track how much time is left for the conference or event.

Grab this amazing Event WordPress Theme at the earliest!

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