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For different people, there are different colors and the each color represent a specific meaning and are associated with some emotion, and the resplendent way of making your house colorful is through paints.

The wooden paints are the paints which add to the quality of the wood and protects them from the thermite and various other ways through which the rusting can be avoided.

Wooden Paint Sale WordPress Theme

The business persons who are in the field of the wooden paint sale can deliver their services across the planet through the skin which allows them to display all the specifications of their wooden paint business is called Wooden Paint Sale WordPress Theme.

The template is crafted for carpenters, interior and exterior decorators, construction companies, contractors, wooden furnishing companies, and various other from the same field of the business.

WooCommerce Plugin :-

Now, this is some that you will love about the theme, all the products that your business offers can be put on sale through the specific plugin, the customers will get attracted to the ease that they will avail through this plugin as the section will allow customers to add the items to the cart and then confirm their order by making a final payment through the integrated PayPal gateway system.

Features of the theme that attract customers to your business :-

  • Full width slider :-  The theme has a full-width slider where all the wooden paint pics can be displayed and will work as the center area of the attraction of the theme.
  • 4 column feature area :-  The template includes a 4 column feature area where the services that are offered by you to the customers can be shared on the specific section.
  • Tagline section :- The tagline section is the place of the skin where all the punchlines and taglines can be exhibited and promoted, the specific section also has a background image which enhances the section outlook.
  • Product section :- The product section is where lots of items related to the wooden paints like rollers, brushes, sprays, paints, different shades all them can be put to sale on a defined section.
  • Ad banner section :- The ad banner section, where all the advertisements and posters can be put to display and will allow the user to market themselves in more effective way.


Features Of The PaintWood WordPress Theme :-

  • WooCommerce integrated.
  • PayPal gateway system.
  • 4 column feature area defined
  • Full-width slider for highlights.
  • Inbuilt contact page.
  • One click installation.
  • Exclusive banner section included.
  • Retina ready display.
  • SEO inbuilt system.
  • Responsive theme.
  • Inbuilt gallery page.
  • Blog area induced in theme.
  • Featured testimonial section.
  • Blog page included for posts.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Latest WordPress compatible.
  • Tagline section.
  • Social sharing links.
  • CSS enabled.
  • jQuery enabled.
  • High on performance.

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