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Steel is the backbone of the industries, all the utensils are made up of the steel and especially the stainless steel, utensils falls into the basic necessities of life and no one should be deprived of such facilities and needs.

For all those companies and business persons that are in the manufacturing and dealing of the stainless steel can project themselves on the web with the help of an appropriate theme.

Stainless Steel Company WordPress Theme

The skin is custom made for stainless steel companies, steel authorities, steel processing industries, steel product distributors, stainless steel products sellers and various others from the same industry.

The template is made up of a bunch of features and multiple traits that enable the user to share all the products that they manufacture and are subjected to the stainless steel.

Prominent features of the theme :-

  • Full-width slider :- The theme has a full-width slider where all the business features and traits can be exhibited on the specific theme section.
  • 4 column feature area :- The template has a 4 column feature area where all the theme features can be showcased splendidly.
  • Vibrant blog section :- The blog section is the place where all the business features can be presented in an elaborative manner.
  • Accordion section :- The theme has an accordion section where all the business features can be demonstrated on the particular section.
  • Testimonial section :- The section where all the feedback and the suggestions from the customers can be shared on the defined section.
  • Video section :- The theme has a small video section to give customers presentation and idea about the business of the stainless stain that you are running.
  • 4 column widgetized area :- Multiple categories can be shared on the respective section of the theme that too in a defined and organized manner.

Sale page preview

Features Of The InoxSteel WordPress Theme:-

  • One click installation.
  • Retina ready display.
  • Inbuilt accordion section.
  • Custom widgets.
  • SEO optimized.
  • WPML compatible.
  • Inbuilt video section.
  • Custom widgets.
  • Full width slider section.
  • Inbuilt contact form.
  • 3 column feature area.
  • Custom favicon included.
  • Clear representation
  • 3 column blog area..
  • High on performance.
  • Easy setup.
  • HTML and CSS enabled.
  • jQuery enhanced.
  • Multiple browser compatible.
  • Made with debug mode on.
  • Social sharing links.

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