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Space exploration is the biggest achievement of humans and the exploration is still on…

As the space research moves forward realized that it’s a boundless three-dimensional object which has a plenties celestial structure about to analyze.

SpaceInvest is assembled for the organizations whose work relate with the space like astronomy institutes, space associations, comets monitoring agencies, space investment companies and others relevant firms of the space industry.

Space Tech investment WordPress Theme is a premium, robust & responsive website template inbuilt with powerful features to showcase the conceptual framework of space technologies lead to propagating globally.

Features Alloyed With Space Tech Investment WP Theme

  • Descriptive Spatial Slider –  You can easily highlight your celestial body exploration work through animated slider. Which easily makes understand anyone through images and also act to caught the attention of the site visitors.
  • Share Your Space Investing Services – With the assistance of simple, stylish 3 column service section you can illustrate the basic services of your organizations with the combination of text and images briefly.
  • Make Astronomical & Geographical Space Report – The template is implanted with free blog section through which you can able to make reports/articles on heavenly bodies like meteors, comets, planets on the daily or weekly basis. The fresh post will appear on the homepage of the website.
  • Introduce Yourself – The about section of the template consent you to express yourself, your organization’s vision, mission & goals. It helps site visitors to know more about you and your firm in a professional manner.
  • Showcase Your Latest Space Project – In the sidebar of the template, you can upload the video which will broadcast your latest tech movement in the space. It’s a multipurpose segment and you can easily customize.
  • Update Galaxy Savvy – Scientists, astronomers, students etc anyone can sign up the newsletter and subscribe the news or update heavenly bodies movement in an easy manner and also makes your work popular.

Space Tech Investment WordPress Theme Sales

All Features Of SpaceInvest Template

  • Custom logo on the top left area of template
  • Banner segment
  • Organization name & tagline area
  • CSS enabled
  • SEO optimization
  • Clear representation
  • Easy setup
  • Organize menu section
  • One click installation
  • 4 column footer area
  • Nextgen gallery plugin
  • Made with debug mode on
  • Inbuilt gallery page
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Inbuilt contact page
  • Multiple devices compatible
  • Latest WordPress version
  • Responsive layout
  • Layered structure
  • Get 24x7 Support.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Get Lifetime Usage.