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Slider revolution WordPress plugin has an impressive stream of updates, introducing tons of new functionalities Such as split-animation, color-picker gradient and much more.

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Product Features-

  • Easy Live Plugin Updates
  • Compatible with all modern browsers
  • Includes JS, JSON, HTML, CSS and PHP files
  • Compatible with Beaver Builder, Visual Composer, WPML etc.

Product Description

Slider revolution WordPress plugin is one for the way to increase the conversion rates using images. Or what could be much better if you can design even a whole page using a simple visual, drag & drop editor? This plugin gives very innovative and highly responsive slider that can fit any desktop or mobile device very smoothly.

You can beautifully showcase a story simply by Slider, Carousel, Attractive Image Scene or even through a whole Front Page.

What’s new in the latest update?

The Slider revolution WordPress plugin 5.4 renders a huge stream of updates and numerous new features.

The latest update includes-

  • 5 new add-ons unlocked
  • New Split Animation Options
  • Colour picker with gradient
  • Slicey Add-On Parallax
  • Slicey Add-On Blur
  • Minimal Mask Showcase
  • Space Opera Show
  • New Color Picker with Gradients
  • Block Layer Animations
  • Ken Burns with Blur Transitions
  • Multi-Level Letter-Spacing

And Much More!

Free Object Library

The brand new object library with this plugin offers a growing selection of objects in addition to your WordPress media library that to for FREE. Moreover, you can find the right asset for your WordPress site very easily.

  • Objects
  • Background Images
  • Transparent PNG Objects
  • SVG’s
  • Font Icons

3D Parallax Effects

In addition to all state-of-the-art effects in your mind, this plugin also offers super cool 3D parallax effects. These effects look excellent while engaging more users towards what you are presenting.

  • 3D Parallax Layers & Backgrounds
  • Mouse Controlled Viewport Movement
  • Stunning 3D Example Slider Templates

Front Page Designer

This plugin is not limited to only sliders, you can now build a beautiful one-page web presence in WordPress in no time. To get you started fast, this plugin includes tons of pre-designed templates.

  • Create Beautiful One-Page WordPress sites
  • Lots of Examples included
  • Fully responsive for every Device (Desktop, Tablet, Mobile)
  • No Coding Knowledge required!

Drag & Drop Visual Slider Building

Manually designing WordPress elements is always been a tedious task. Slider revolution WordPress plugin is sporting an impressive number of options such as drag and drop builder. So, even newbies can easily create beautiful presentations with our intuitive workflow.

  • Text, Image, Video, Shortcode, HTML Content Layers
  • Complete Graphical User Interface
  • Custom Slide Content for different Devices
  • Full Control over Styles, Animations, Transitions

Visually Responsive Theme Templates

Slider revolution WordPress plugin includes Themeplicity. Every built element looks great & intuitive to use on every device, whether it is a desktop computer, tablets or smartphones.

  • Works on Desktops, Notebooks, Tablets & Smartphones
  • Optimised for Android & Apple Devices
  • Custom Slide Content for different Devices
  • Fallback Options for Mobile Devices

True Multi-Media Content

You can easily integrate any multi-media content into your WordPress website.

  • Regular Image Display with Bulk Upload
  • HTML 5, Youtube & Vimeo Video Support
  • Popular Social Media Content Stream
  • WordPress Post & Custom Posts

Navigation Designer

With this plugin, you’ll get tons of navigation styles for bullets, arrows, tabs & thumbnails. In addition to it, you can easily create/modify your own sets of navigation elements.

  • Arrows, Bullets, Tabs, Thumbnail Navigation
  • Lots of “Ready to Use” Styles included
  • Markup and Style Builder with Preview
  • Export your own Navigation Sets!


This WordPress Plugin is regularly audited by professional researchers at Dewhurst Security. All this to make sure that it’s never a threat to the security of your WordPress website.

  • Checked WordPress Plugin Security
  • New Update Notifications via the Backend
  • Constantly Maintained ThemePunch Quality

Optimized Performance

What if the layout looks great but is too slow to load. So, we made sure that everything loads lightning fast.

  • Loaded core file size automatically scales with used features
  • Intelligent Lazy Loading options
  • SEO Optimization
  • Monitor and optimize all aspects of your sliders
  • Advanced Debugging Options

Free Add-Ons

The free Add-Ons library will further enhance your site capabilities according to your specific needs. However, these Add-Ons will come as separate WordPress plugins.

  • Add-Ons for Slider Revolution
  • Whiteboard
  • Typewriter Effect
  • Slide Backups
  • WordPress Gallery
  • Related Posts
  • Social Sharing (Coming Soon)

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