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Motorbike has been used by humans for decades as a general purpose transportation vehicle which is fuel efficient and easy to ride. These days due to a rapid increase in road traffic many individuals prefer to ride bikes and scooters as they are convenient, fuel efficient and comfortable.

Similarly, to meet the requirements of modern scooter trade we have developed MotorBike WordPress theme. This theme will give all motorbike traders a responsive and premium website for online trade. It is equipped with all latest feature like the WooCommerce, descriptive sliders, product page, blogs text and more.

This template will be helpful for individuals and business who are scooter dealers, motorbike distributors, minibike dealers, bike traders, showroom owners and others who do any type of bike or scooter trade.

Sell All Your Models Through WooCommerce

This is a free and advanced facility of the theme that allows you to do online sales from your website. WooCommerce provides you an online store where customers can purchase desired products 24/7 throughout the year. It tracks all your transactions, supports different discounts on products, secures all your payments with PayPal gateway.

Full-Screen Slider To Project Top Class Vehicles

Scooter Sale WordPress Theme also delivers an attractive slider area on the homepage of the site. Through the slider images, you can project top models of bikes available at your online shop. These images will be clubbed with some descriptive text that will explain the image shown.

Display The Trails Of Your Bikes In Featured Area

Service section permits you to ride a variety of service that are being offered by your showroom. Services shown here will be in the form of images, headings and related text content defining that service. Each image is linked to a brief description shop page.

Traffic Blogs & Proper Maintained Testimonials

In the blog area of this theme you can post on traffic rules, ride precautions, scooter models and other similar to aware the users as well as update the content of your web portal.

You can also showcase positive reviews, supportive comments and client feedbacks on the site. These testimonials helps to grab the attention of many, builds customer trust on your products and services.

Help Them To Take The Best Ride Home

Shop Now button on the site will send the user directly to the product page. Some of the major benefits of having a dedicated product section on the website are as follows:-

  • Shop page- It will display all your models & variants of scooters which are being sold by your store. They are defined with the model name, price tag and offer details on the page.  
  • Single page-  Each & every model is has got a single page description where all the major & minor details can be seen by the customer.
  • Add to cart- The customer can now shop for multiple products at a time and select a number of models with this option.

Scooter Sale WordPress Theme

Accelerated Features:-

  1. 100% Responsive Design
  2. WooCommerce Plugin
  3. Call To Action Button
  4. Multi Color Options
  5. Support Latest WordPress Version
  6. Designer Gallery Section
  7. Powerful Admin Panel
  8. Descriptive Slider
  9. Social Media Icons
  10. Product Section
  11. Single Product Page
  12. Valid HTML5 Code
  13. Cross-Browser Compatible
  14. Support 24/7
  15. Widgetized Sidebar
  16. Clean Design
  17. Retina Ready

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