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Organize Products on your Website and Increase your Sales

Increase sales by organizing products on homepage and other pages on your website on the basis of their sales potential.

You can hand pick the best selling or attractive products and feature them on the most suitable pages and the exact places.

The Homepage Product Organizer Plugin for WooCommerce allows you to control the placement of products exactly as you want.

It provides a quick and simple method that requires you to just paste a Shortcode at desired place.

Moreover you can easily and frequently make changes to product organization on your website whenever you need.

Now you can create your own custom arrangements to put on the homepage or other pages for “Latest Products”, “This Week’s Specials”, “Featured Products”, “Festive Sale” or any other unique event you want to promote.

So Simple and Easy – No Custom Coding Required

Select the products you want to display on your homepage and organize their placement without any custom coding.

Drag and drop function allows you to easily arrange them in order from top-down and left-right.

No limit to the number of custom product arrangements you can make and where you display them.

Additional uses can be on category pages, or on related product detail pages.

It generates a unique short code for each product. You have to simply copy the shortcode and paste it into the page you want it to appear.

For the homepage you’ll paste it into the index.php file.

woocommerce homepage product organizer plugin

Note: 5 site license is provided with this plugin.

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