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Plywood is a building material which is widely used in making furniture, kitchen interiors, commercial partitions as well as in durable construction. It is basically made up of several layers of fine timber. It is very light in weight, but the layer are very strong.

Similar to a plyboard we have developed Commercial Plywood Sale WordPress Theme which will give a designer website to your online business. This is a premium and finely fabricated template which allows you to sell timber products in a creative environment throughout the globe.

The theme is mainly built for people who own plywood stores, timber board shops, plyboard dealers, plywood factory outlets, wooden board dealers, inter wood houses, timber sheet emporiums and others who are looking for a durable web portal for their plyboard business.

The Top Class Features of PlyBoard WordPress Theme are:-

1. WooCommerce- This theme is crafted with some of the best and responsive features like the WooCommerce plugin. It is basically an e-commerce facility that gives your online store the option to do product sales from a website.
One of the major advantages of this facility is that you can have 24 hours actively open shop. You can showcase a variety of products available at the store without a salesperson. Receive secure & safe online payments through PayPal gateway.

2. Boxed Slider- This section allows you to freely project images of your best products in an animated format. These slider images will also hold headlines and text description which will be shown along with the relevant image. The text will be linked to the relevant product page of your website and help the customers land on it directly.

3. Featured Area- The 4-Column featured area permit you to display the best-selected products of your store in this section. It will provide a clear picture of your timber products as it will show the image of the commodity clubbed with cost range, descriptive text, and tagline. This will give a great eye-catching effect to the webpage.

4. Blogs & Video- Through plywood and timber related blog posts you can stuff your site will the most updated content available on the net. This will help you create awareness about the benefits of your products as well as post latest text about things on your website.
Video clippings will add a lot to your portal as creative clips and video content will attract the attention of many.

5. Testimonials- PlyBoard WordPress theme has also got the testimonial section which gives you the facility to portray customer review & comments on your website. These positive client feedbacks act as a trust builder for your business.

Commercial Plywood Sale WordPress Theme

Teak Wood Facilities:-

  1. Attractive Gallery Area
  2. HTML5 Code
  3. Build With Clean Code
  4. Cross Browser Support
  5. Inbuild WooCommerce
  6. Latest WordPress Compatible
  7. Multiple Color Option
  8. Responsive Layout
  9. Business Design
  10. Product Featured Area
  11. Blog & Video Section
  12. 4-Column Footer area
  13. Easy To Setup
  14. Powerful Admin Panel
  15. Social Media Icons
  16. Contact Us Form

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