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Pedicure in not only a cosmetic treatment of foot but it also has medicinal benefits. It is basically a foot therapy which is very popular around the globe, especially in women.

Just like pedicure seat is an important tool for all types foot therapies. Similarly, the premium and responsive design of Pedicure Chair Sale WordPress Theme will suit people who are in a business of pedicure chair and seat sales.

This template will be given a unique website to pedicure chair seller’s, nail salon bench retailers, feet treatment seat marts, foot care seat stores and others who are willing to sell pedicure chairs online.

Latest Features Of Pedicure Chair Sale WordPress Theme Are As Follows 

Banner Section: – Ad banner space is a place in Pedicure Chair Sale WordPress Theme where you can show images of advertisements. With the help of banner advertising, you can promote your pedicure products and offers online.

WooCommerce: – This template has got premium e-commerce feature which permits you to sell various models of spa chairs from your site. The customers can place online orders anytime from around the world on your website.

All financial transactions will be safe and secured as it has PayPal integrated into it. It has multiple other facilities like add to cart,  product detail pages, stock support, tax and discount assistance.

Mobile Friendly: – As the number of mobile users are huge some we have made SpaChair WordPress template mobile friendly. The visuals on different mobile and tablet devices of this pedicure theme are great.

Service Area: – Here in the 3-Column featured area you can elaborate best services that are provided by your online pedicure sales store. These services will be projected in animated format.

Blog Posts Section: – Feed your web portal will attractive and informative blogs about pedicure and skin treatment methods.

Gallery: – In this of the theme you can showcase eye-catching images of pedicure chairs and seats. Here you can display the variety of models that your store offers.

Widgetized Area: – This feature allows you to add different widgets in the sidebar of Pedicure Chair Sale Theme. These widgets give grab the attend of users on top products and freely show your other facilities.

Pedicure Chair Sale WordPress Theme

Some Additional Facilities Of Pedicure Chair Sale WordPress Theme:-

  1. WooCommerce Compatible
  2. Separate Banner Space
  3. Latest WordPress Version
  4. Responsive Layout
  5. Full-Width Slider
  6. Multi Theme Options
  7. Blog Post Section
  8. Attractive Gallery
  9. Individual Product Page
  10. Customer Testimonials
  11. Social Media Sharing
  12. Dedicated Video Section
  13. Easy To Setup
  14. Different Colour Styles
  15. Cross-Browser Support

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