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Blending different shades to create new colours needs a lot of experience, but with a color mixer all these problems get solved. It is machine which helps to mingle colours to get the desired shades.

So, here is a theme for all those business who sell different types of paint mixers and are looking for a responsive web platform for their organisation. Paint Mixer Sale WordPress Theme will add right proportion of colors to your online business. The most premium features of this template are WooCommerce facility, animated sliders, attractive ad banner and with other exciting feature.

It has got the latest design with a responsive and premium layout . This template is mainly developer for organisation and business who sell color mixers, electric paint mixers, automatic mixing stores, paint shops, whitewash outlets and colouring centers.

WooCommerce To Sell Your Paint Mixers

TintStirrer WordPress theme is toned with WooCommerce facility that allows to sell various models of paint mixing machines through a website. It provides you a store which is open 24/7 for product sales. The customers can place orders in their most convenient time and all the purchase transactions passed from a secured PayPal gateway. Some exclusive features are:-

  • Secure & Safe Payments
  • Track each and every transaction
  • Discount and offers friendly
  • Updated Stock Support

Display Wide Range Of Models In Slider Section

The boxed slider feature of this theme helps you display unique and latest versions of machines that are available at your online store. The slider images can also be linked to relevant product page which will increase your sales as the customers will land on the desired product.

Showcase All Your Best Facilities With Service Area

At the service area you can show the variety of services that are offered by your online store to customers. This section can include after sales services, product related features, detailed good reports and many. Also it can be used to defined business features with image along with tag lines and precise text content.

Promote Different Products With Free Banner Area

Paint Mixer Sale WordPress Theme has also got the banner zone where you can post advertisements and banner ads on your website. This section will help you paint up the walls of your website with attractive and eye catchy products.

Grab The Attention Of Users Through Products

The product section will charm your site will colourfull images of mixing models and top items that you sell. All the models shown will give details like pricing, product name, and offer available. It also has

  • Single product page for clear description.
  • Add to Cart to select multiple items from the store.
  • Checkout for transaction details and order summary.

Paint Mixer Sale WordPress Theme

Paint Mixing Features:-

  1. Latest WordPress compatible
  2. WooCommerce Plugin
  3. Unique layout
  4. Easy setup
  5. Boxed slider
  6. Powerful admin panel
  7. Custom logo upload
  8. Multi color option
  9. 100% Retina ready
  10. Single product page
  11. Fully responsive design
  12. Contact page
  13. Cross-browser support
  14. Share social icons
  15. Categorised gallery
  16. Custom widget area

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