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Theme specially designed for babysitter, nannies and other baby care website.


  • Animated slider with text description to showcase attractive images and important message.
  • Homepage heading section to display the show the tags.
  • 3 Column area to display your babysitter information.
  • Homepage blog post area, cover your latest experience an incident that is worth mentioning.

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For Carpeting Professionals, Cleaning and Restoration Companies.


  • A Clean Carpets Gallery Page Template –  In this, you can post some visually pleasing images of clean carpets in a gallery page. Your customers want to get rid of their poor condition carpets and they want them to be neat and clean. These images will tell them how good you are at your work.
  • Carpet Cleaning Business Contact Page Template: A clean design contact page with integrated google map.
  • Blog page template – To share your news and articles and get your hands into content marketing.
  • Full-width page template - You may like to use full-width pages to create landing pages. So when you feel the need of it, just checkmark the full-width template while creating a page.

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