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Natural fertilizers are produced just by composting the mixture of organic material like animal dropping, human excreta, compost of vegetables and organic waste.

There are a variety of fertilizers available in the market. But to preserve the essence of land farmers prefer organic fertilizers.

Similarly, we have developed Organic Fertilizer Production WordPress Template for people to fertilize their business of natural humus online through a top class website.

This template will give an international platform to commercial farming manure sellers, natural compost merchants, organic ammonia suppliers, night soil retailers, natural fertilizer traders, soil nitrate dealers, pure humus vendors.

Premium Qualities That Organic Fertilizer Production WP Theme Offers

WooCommerce To Sell Fertilizers Online 

  • Sell fertilizers and organic manure 24 hours a day across the year with this feature.
  • Manage all your stock and inventory of organic fertilizers available at your online store.
  • Calculate different types of taxes and discount automatically.

Display Variety Of Organic Manure In Shop Page Of Theme

  • Shop page will help you showcase wide range of fertilizer products with product name, price tag, offers and actual image.
  • The customers can choose multiple soil products just by clicking “Add To Cart” button.
  • Give attractive view of farming products on various mobile and tablet devices.

Show Attractive Images With Full-Width Slider

  • Display genuine and high definition pictures of natural compost in the slider section
  • You can also show taglines and small text description with the slider images.
  • With “Know More” option you can link different pages which will provide detailed information.

Animated Featured Area To Define Soil Services

  • Project different services offered by your e-Store in animated style.
  • Here you can present fertilization processes and creation techniques
  • Elaborate all the services will headline clubbed with a short content about that them  

Sliding Blog Posts & Articles

  • Display attractive blog post and article on commercial manure in sliding manner.
  • Feed latest information about fertilizers on your website to spread awareness.
  • Helps to update the content of your site frequently by posting data on soil and farming.

Accordion Description For Organic Material

  • With this feature you can stuff large text data on farming manure is a short space.
  • Here you can list number of descriptions explaining fertilizer products.
  • Each item define here will contract and expand on user clicks.

Organic Fertilizer Production WordPress Template

Nourishing Features Of Natural Humus WP Template:-

  1. WooCommerce Plugin
  2. Separate Product Page
  3. Compatible With Latest WordPress Version
  4. 100% Responsive Design
  5. Animated Full-Width Slider
  6. Multi Theme Options
  7. Slider Blog Section
  8. Beautiful Gallery
  9. Customer Testimonials
  10. Social Media Sharing
  11. Dedicated Video Section
  12. Easy To Setup
  13. Google Map For Directions
  14. Different Colour Styles
  15. Cross-Browser Compatible

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