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The study of microscopic organisms like fungus, bacteria, parasite and algae is called microbiology. And the scientists who perform tests and researches on these microorganisms is a microbiologist.

As a microbiologist takes interest in biological experiments. Similarly, Microbiologist WordPress Theme is designed to give a premium experience to microbiologist who wants an exclusive website for their labs.

This template is specially developed for research centers, biological workrooms, test centers, biotic research labs, micro medical workshops, science laboratories and other examination labs.

Lead Capture Will Help To Grab Useful Microbe Information

Lead capture is unique and top class facility of Microbiologist WordPress Theme which will benefit you in following ways:-

  • It helps to fill the communication gap between users and your microbiological center.
  • Grab vital information and contact details of patients landing on your website.
  • You can send alerts and emails to registered user data collected from lead capture
  • Provide frequent updates about different researches and experiments.

Tap To Call For Instant Connection With Lab Patients & Clients 

Cell Study WordPress Theme has also got the “Tap To Call” feature in it.

  • Mobile device users can directly connect to your microbiological services website. Just by clicking ”Call Us” button.
  • This will gradually increase the conversion rate of your cell study and research clients.
  • Allows your website visitors to communicate freely via voice call.

Subsidiary Features Of Microbiologist WordPress Theme

Full-Width Slider To Display Your Lab Services

The full-Width slider is an area in this theme which allows you to showcase attractive images of biological tests and experiments. Each slider image comes along with a short text description and tagline to define slider image.

It is also clubbed with a stunning navigation menu at the top and with the logo also displaying on it.

Featured Area Where You Can Elaborate Biological & Micro Tests

Here in the featured area of Microbiologist WordPress Theme, you can project a variety of services that your microbiological center offers. Each and every service will be displayed in an animated format. It is a place where you can show the image, a precise text description and a proper headline of different microbiological services.

Define Variety Of Microbiologist In Tab Description

Microbiologist WordPress Theme has also got the tab description area where you can stuff a number of Microbiological terms with their description. It will only show the details of Microbiology type or heading which is selected by the user and the rest will be hidden.

Feed Your Site With Blog Posts On Microbiologist

Blog area is a place in this theme which helps your to constantly update the content of your site. You can also post articles about biological and micro medical advancements.

Microbiologist WordPress Theme


Research Features Of Microbiologist WP Theme:-

  1. Powerful Admin Panel
  2. Tabular Description
  3. Multi Color Option
  4. Attractive Blog Area
  5. Supports Latest WordPress Version
  6. Lead Capture Form
  7. Tap To Call
  8. Gallery Section
  9. 100% Fluid Layout
  10. Blogs Section
  11. Retina Display
  12. 4-Column Footer Area
  13. Responsive Design
  14. Supports Multiple Browser
  15. Share Social Icons

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