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Kettles Sale WordPress Theme is a premium one for those peeps who are in the business of selling teapot while promoting their firm online.

Trade your tea keeping kettle electronically with the help of WooCommerce which is compatible with this responsive theme.

TeaKettle template is made for teapot selling companies, kettle traders, tea kettle wholesale dealers and other tea vessel trading industries.

WooCommerce- A Miracle For Your Kettle Sale’s Website:

  • Shop page to showcase your kettles.
  • Present them with heading and subheading.
  • Cart page acts as a shopping bag to your customers.
  • PayPal payment mode for your clients.
  • Check out page for your customers to end their purchasing.
  • Highlight recent products on the homepage.

Slider- A Handy Feature:

  • Full width slider.
  • Comes with heading and subheading text.
  • Present on the top of this theme.
  • Sync images of your kettles.
  • An attractive area to show off.

Feature Area- A Must Have Trait:

  • 4 column feature area.
  • Sliding text over the area.
  • Link your customers to the other pages via this section.
  • Upload images of your featured teapot.

Blog Template- An Online Journal:

  • Write multiple informative contents about kettle’s importance and its selling tricks.
  • Present them on the main page or can also show them off on a separate page.
  • This area will increase traffic without any doubt.
  • With name and date make it more accurate.

Ad Banner Space- Increase Your Notability:

  • Present in the middle of this theme.
  • On both the sides of blog area.
  • Not one but two ad-banner.
  • Promote your other firm or can also flaunt some other people’s firm
  • A good way to earn some extra income.

Kettles Sale WordPress Theme

Kettles Sale WordPress Theme’s Other Traits:

  • WooCommerce plugin.
  • Latest WordPress version Compatible 4.7.
  • Full width sliders with text.
  • The banner area with a call to action button.
  • Transition effects on the feature area.
  • Custom logo & favicon uploader.
  • Widgetized sidebar area & footer.
  • Easy setup and installation.
  • Footer copyright text.
  • Ad banner space.
  • 100% Responsive layout.
  • Powerful admin panel.
  • Shop page.
  • Passed by W3C validation.
  • Cross browser supportive.
  • Valid HTML5 and CSS code.
  • Social sharing icons.
  • Built-in contact form.
  • PayPal gateway mode.
  • SEO optimization.
  • The search bar in the header area.
  • Change the layout of blog & banner area.

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