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When it comes to reaching out to maximum people, a source is required which can connect all the people through one simple link.

And when that medium is used for an organization within a limited access of members then that service is known as an intranet and when the same is available on a broader level and large numbers of members can access that data connection it is extranet.

If you are a service provider of one such medium or business then it’s essential that you stretch out your domain and services on the web, for such implementation ConnectNet WordPress theme is the solution for you which will properly feature all your services.

The theme is ideal for broadband service providers, telephone connection companies, local area network providers, wide area network providers, telecommunication services and various other data connection service providers.  

The skin can be used to deliver all your features and services like broadband connection, intranet connection for defined access, extranet services for wider networks, various plans and schemes that you offer can be projected by the theme.

Lure Business By Depicting Prices :-

The most dazzling feature of the theme is pricing table where all your plans and services along with timely subscription and fare can be exhibited for your customers, this enhanced feature is very productive and will be immensely loved by your customers.

Another pleasing feature of the theme is its hexagonal gallery section where all your amazing images, pics, albums can be shared with clients to have a glance of your internet connection business.

Receive praises and advice by your customers to develop a customized and consumer-oriented business through the testimonial section of the theme.

Create Communicate And Collaborate Via ConnectNet :-

The template has been augmented by the full width slider of the theme where all your net connection services like fix plans, rental plans,domain plans and various other similar services can be provided, all your ongoing projects, your area where you extend your services all your related data can be exhibited.

The slider encapsulates a call to action button which can be redirected on any of the desired links that you want. The homepage of the theme has a 4 column feature section to share services that you want to dispense to your customers.

Follow A Descriptive Approach :-

The theme has an exclusive 6 column blog area to describe your services and plans that you have included for your customers, explain your business in a more descriptive way which will eventually develop an affinity towards your customers for your net connection business. You can describe how different networks are executed like 2nd generation and 3rd generation speed networks, local area networks , main area networks and various other from the same field can be explained. 

The independent video section will enable your site visitors to have a better understanding of your business and will play a vital role in giving presentations to your clients and customers.

The team members and the business partners can be introduced in the team section of the skin by sharing their profiles in the respective section.

Intranet Extranet WordPress Theme

Features of the ConnectNet WordPress theme :- 

  • Pricing table included.
  • Hexagonal gallery.
  • Shortcodes included.
  • Responsive Theme.
  • Retina ready display.
  • WordPress version 4.5+.
  • Full width slider.
  • One click installation.
  • Cross browser compatible
  • Made with debug mode on.
  • Social sharing links.
  • Exclusive video section.
  • Clean code.
  • Easy setup.
  • High on performance.
  • Custom widgets.
  • jQuery enhanced.
  • SEO optimized.
  • CSS and HTML enabled.
  • Get 24x7 Support.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Get Lifetime Usage.