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Are you a digital painter? And, are you crazy about Photoshop art works?

If yes, then empower your Photoshop with this useful Digital Painting Tool Collection! This perfect painting solution will enhance your drawings with the powerful strokes of different digital brushes and pencils.

premium photoshop brushes

RM Creative Stylus 2 in 1 – A Perfect Digital Drawing Tool

Get premium digital art painting brushes for your Photoshop Framework. These brushes of digital technologies help professional artist to directly draw in Photoshop CSS3 and above series.

The pack is a set of 150 premium digital brushes and pencils. These include useful Digital brushes and Natural brushes.

You can use these Digital-Natural brushes and pencils for –

-Creating sketch

-Photo retouching


-Making artistic effects with stylus both with digital and natural techniques.

Digital brushes- It contains – Digital Airbrush set (*.abr file), Digital Ink set (*.abr file), Digital Extended Painter set (*.abr file).

Digital Air Brush is a collection of brushes with powerful and smooth digital painting design. It also provides global shading on drawings or extra-fine photo retouching.

Digital Ink is a powerful set of unique instrument to sketch design for Tatoos & Ink styled illustrations. It provides effect of ink internal cross-flow.

Digital Extended Painter set are cleanest brush for sketching. It is similar to markers airbrushes, oils, watercolors and wash(*) drawing.

Natural Brushes – It contains Natural Pencils (*.abr file), Natural Wash and watercolors (*.abr files).

Natural Pencils contains pencils with small and medium lead. These pencils provide pleasant pressure reaction. It’s definitely a powerful instrument to create sketching and concept pictures.

It has photo blur effect to create custom blur effect. It can also modify radius and can be used easily for both Photo Retouching and Painting.

Natural Wash is a real tool to paint. It helps to create nice effective background. Provides texturing and oiling effect.

  • Gentle digital drawing control tool
  • Provides Recognizable Rotation angle

Additional Effects (*.abr files):

  • Water dissolve effective
  • Dissolve paint effect
  • Extra clean smoothing
  • Oil Mixing effect
  • Smudge brush preset instrument

Overview Of Art Pack Features 

  • Provides intuitive and easy digital drawing
  • Provides maximum comfort
  • A complete digital set to provide photography or paintings at any level you would like.
  • Powerful photoshop 16 bit color depth engine
  • Extra-marvellous effects, Super styling.
  • Full functional modern stylus Tools
  • Pixel Perfect Sketching, Painting, Drawing etc.

So, step up to the next level of digital drawing with this smart Digital Painting Solution.

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