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People have different needs and fantasies that they want to fulfill and most common among them is being a mermaid and that can be fulfilled by the fancy dress competition  where one can wear a mermaid dress.

The costume designers and the clothes dealers that are in the business of mermaid costume selling can deliver their services on the web through Costume Mermaid Tail Sale WordPress Theme.

Costume Mermaid Tail Sale WordPress Theme

The template is custom made for costume designers, clothes retailers, fancy dress rentals and various other in the same field of the business can project themselves on the web.

The skin has some great features to shared your services on the web through multiple features that are incorporated in the theme. The user can also do trade online through the theme because of the WooCommerce functionality.

WooCommerce Plugin :-

The template has a WooCommerce plugin where all the products can be put on sale and also have some of product section through which customers can add them to the cart and then do the final payment through the PayPal integrated system.

Dazzling features of the theme :-

  • Layered slider :- The template has a layered slider where all the costumes can be displayed on the respective section.
  • 3 column feature area :- The 3 column feature area is the place where service and different types of the mermaid costume can be shared on the theme section.
  • Product section :- The theme includes a product section where the costumes can be put on sale and can be directly linked to the WooCommerce plugin enabling customers to purchase items online.
  • Blog section :- The theme contains a blog section where all the costume designs for the mermaid tail can be explained in detail.
  • Portfolio blog section :- The template has a portfolio gallery section where all the blogs can be presented in a magnificent way.


Features Of The MonofinTail WordPress Theme :-

  • WooCommerce integrated.
  • PayPal gateway system.
  • 3 column feature area defined
  • Layered slider for highlights.
  • Inbuilt product section.
  • One click installation.
  • Exclusive portfolio section included.
  • Retina ready display.
  • SEO inbuilt system.
  • Responsive theme.
  • Inbuilt gallery page
  • Blog area induced in theme.
  • Featured testimonial section.
  • Blog page included for posts.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Latest WordPress Compatible.
  • 4 column widget area.
  • Social sharing links.
  • CSS enabled.
  • jQuery enabled.
  • High on performance.
  • Get 24x7 Support.
  • 30 Days Money Back Guarantee.
  • Get Lifetime Usage.