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Let’s create a website for your Carpet Cleaning business using the ‘CleanRug’ WordPress Theme.

CleanRug theme has ample of features for displaying your carpet cleaning business in a quite effective manner. It has mind blowing aesthetics, and an overall enticing mix-up of functionality and utility particularly towards carpeting professionals, rug and carpet repairs, cleaning and restoration companies.

The primary focuses of this theme is to you give you a cutting-edge platform to interact with your clients online. With its super solid attractive design, it makes sure that people arriving on your website definitely get impressed with the way your carpeting services are presented.

Carpet Cleaning WordPress Theme Sales Page Image

How Helpful Can Be A Website In A Carpeting Business?

The website is not just a formality. It should help in building your business, otherwise, it is of no use. Whatever business it be. Doesn’t make a difference if you are in a narrow industry of carpet cleaning.

Carpeting is a narrow industry. Two-three dry cleaning/steam cleaning contracts in a week is an ideal condition in the business. One extra contract in a week can make a huge difference in your monthly earnings.

Suppose your average income per contract is $300, and you manage to get one extra hiring per day from your website…

So for 4 weeks in a month, that’s an extra $1200 per month.

So your website should be a special one. Right?

Theme Has These Features That Make Your Online Presence Really Meaningful

The Section of ‘Featured Carpeting Services’ – It makes easy for your clients to quickly get details about the particular service they want.

In case you offer various services such as Carpet Installation, Carpet Cleaning, Vehicle Carpet Replacement, featuring these services on the main page of your website will easily let your customers know about all of them.

Your customers can check out the details about any particular service they want.

Inbuilt Essential Templates For Carpeting Business – Several important templates come inbuilt in the theme that is quintessential to convey the reputation of your business in a positive manner.

These page templates include –

  • A Clean Carpets Gallery Page Template –  In this, you can post some visually pleasing images of clean carpets in a gallery page. Your customers want to get rid of their poor condition carpets and they want them to be neat and clean. These images will tell them how good you are at your work.
  • Carpet Cleaning Business Contact Page Template: A clean design contact page with integrated google map.
  • Blog page template – To share your news and articles and get your hands into content marketing.
  • Full-width page template – You may like to use full-width pages to create landing pages. So when you feel the need of it, just checkmark the full-width template while creating a page.

Easy Customization Panel: Expand the theme’s initial layout as per your requirements without any hand coding. Carpet Cleaning WordPress theme has user-friendly customization settings.

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