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    I tried to download your themes using other browsers, reinstalled Xampp newer version, changed my laptop- thinking to buy new but the themes's installation is not okay- with error message almost for the week now?

    You mentioned about unzipping the file, can you please just try to send one unzipped file using like dropbox so that I can download it there? Before purchasing your themes I was using trial version of your themes that I downloaded from your site and they were okay. But now I paid for the full version, and they cannot be installed? I tried to unzip other themes (not from Inkthemes) like elegant themes, etc. and they seem to be okay. Unzipped your themes I ended up with this error message below- see screen shot below/attached. I am sure there is something wrong somewhere and I was expecting your expertise to solve this.

    How can I reach you directly via email or direct call? Or you don’t entertain calls, direct email?

    Last but not least, do you have refund policy so that I can try to look and buy other themes if this is not working for me? I am really frustrated with the slow response from your end.

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