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    Mar 26, 2014
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    Anyone using this, I'm looking for a ticket solution for many different clients, but the volume is small and I can't see paying for the other options??

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    Greetings from InkThemes,

    You can go for the InkTicketing plugin and it will definitely suit your needs even for the small volume of clients. Not only this, you will also be supplied with more exciting features such as :-

    1. Ticket Support System
    2. Knowledge Base
    3. Troubleshooting
    4. Notification Delivery System
    5. Query Filtration
    6. Add, delete, edit, and manage product queries.
    7. User friendly settings – both for admin and users.
    8. Inbuilt Knowledge base to answer FAQ’s and to provide knowledge about processes, products, and services.
    9. A ‘Troubleshooters’ section to let users fix least complex issues on their own.
    10. Trouble ticketing plugin is compatible with any WordPress theme.

    You can visit the following resource link for more information:-

    Hope this helps...!

    Thanks & Regards!

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