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    1. On my website the Home page looks great :)
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    2. But I am having a problem with the size of the photos once you click on the home categories.
    Not sure if it is relevant to the css code that was added when the guys added the right hand side opening times pic.... I did remove this but it didn't appear to make any change so I put it back.
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    5. Then when you click on the product the photos are Huge and there is no product information showing and you cannot buy
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    6 & 7. From the Shop link the the category photos are also too large and this is pushing the side widget down to the bottom widgets.
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    My client has the following queries:
    • She has added stock to the shade cloth and this is showing as 'Out of stock'

    • Also she have input pictures of the shade cloth in the “product attributes” section, so that each colour has been assigned a photo. However, it’s not showing up anywhere. Where should it be showing up please?
    My client is attempting to add product and she is getting very frustrated....

    - Is there any reason why the call to action on the sliders is sitting next to each other and not under each other as in the demo ? Refer to Pic 1

    - I have added a css for all fonts but the widgets are defaulting to the original font.

    Sorry for all the questions :(

    Hope you can help
    Cheers Leonie
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