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Discussion in 'Compass WordPress Theme' started by alkavidainc, Mar 23, 2017.

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    Mar 23, 2017
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    First off I apologize if this is a FAQ. I looked around and did not see this answered yet, plus I am fairly new to Wordpress in general.

    I have wordpress 4.7.3 installed and tried out the default Compass theme. I proceeded to customize it and like the way it is working out. So I purchased the Pro theme. My question is, do I have to install this as a new theme and do all my customization over again (Slider, logo, widgets, etc)? Or is there a way to upgrade the theme to save all my work?
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    Could you please aware me of the changes that you have made in the Lite version of the theme?

    If it is related to configuration part only (Customizer panel) then, upgrading to Pro version will not affect anything.

    You will have to install the zip file of the Pro version which is available in your member's account.

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