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    The only thing I have learnt here is that don’t be discouraged by any challenge you come across with. Patience and follow up always pays. Finally, my friend Harmeet Singh sent a private mail with a zipped file. I was able to decompress the file and got 7 files, then compressed and installed them in my local machine. Within 15 minutes they were all installed and worked very very well meaning the site was up and running after few clicks. A very big surprise to me, but a big up to you.

    I couldn't believe this and now I am free from frustrations and so happy that the themes are now working. The only challenge that I can see here are the hassles in sending other remaining files/themes manually instead of being downloadable from the site.
    I am newest member to Inkthemes team, with lot of postings due to the installation problem, just I was eager to use your themes and probably share with other friends who will join the team later on.

    This was a lesson for us all, a solution incase another member come with the same problem.
    Again, thank you so much for solving the installation problem and kindly bear with me for my persistent follow up. Attached are themes that I received and was able to install.

    Best regards and cheers


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