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    My site was functioning fine for months. I just went in today to make some edits, one of which was changing all the services offered. I deleted all my old services, and then attempted to create new ones. Now, however, it seems it doesn't recognize that I've created a new service. I try to add the date and time slot and it appears to just keep resetting itself. The booking widget is also not showing any services available in the drop down menu. I hope I have been clear...

    Please advise! The site is live, the business is active, but now the services are not displaying.

    thank you,
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    Hi, Joy..

    Greetings from InkThemes!

    I have checked your site and would like to tell you that you are using 1.0.1 version of the theme whereas 1.0.7 is available in the members area..

    So if you haven't customized source code of the theme, you are kindly suggested to reinstall the latest version of the theme from the members area.

    Here're the steps of doing so...

    Download the SmartBooking theme by logging in your members account:

    Next, you have to extract the zip file and rename that folder classicraft like smartbooking_new,

    Again, you would need to create a zip file of that renamed folder (say:,

    Now, upload the theme in your WordPress from Dashboard->Appearance->Themes->Add New,

    Then, activate your theme,

    This way you can install and activate your updated version in your site, keeping the copy of your older version in your WordPress

    Hope it will resolve your issue

    Do let me know if you need more assistance,

    Thanks & Regards!

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