SaleJunction E-Commerce Theme 2.0.1 is available.

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    Aug 8, 2014
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    Hello Everyone,

    I am glad to inform you that - SaleJunction E-Commerce WordPress Theme version 2.0.1 is now available.

    == Changelog ==

    = Theme Name: SaleJunction Theme Pro V2=

    = Version: 2.0.1 =
    1. Change the theme folder name form salejunctiontheme-v2 to salejunctiontheme
    2. Fixed theme option issue when save option data.
    2. Outdated Template Error Solved.

    = Version: 2.0 =
    1. Enqueue All styles and scripts.
    2. Changed Theme Screen-shot.
    3. Removed all unused codes.
    4. Sanitized all options.
    5. Use WordPress Pagination method for pagination.
    6. TGM Plugin Class updated.
    7. Fixed some styling issues.
    8. Removed All issues using themecheck plugin.
    9. Modified readme.txt file.
    10. Removed all fatal errors.
    11. Compatible with Ink Multi Vendar Plugin.
    12. Removed all constants.
    13. .PO file updated.
    14. Added WordPress Functionality to add custom background.

    Download the SaleJunction theme by logging in your members account:

    Next, you have to extract the zip file and rename that folder salejunctiontheme like salejunctiontheme_new,

    Again, you would need to create a zip file of that renamed folder (say:,

    Now, upload the theme in your WordPress from Dashboard->Appearance->Themes->Add New,

    Then, activate your theme,

    This way you can install and activate your updated version in your site, keeping the copy of your older version in your WordPress

    Hope you find it helpful,

    Enjoy your theme:)

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