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    I am trying to create a mobile massage therapy site with online bookings.
    There is only one person that delivers the massages.
    The problem I have is when I create different services someone can book a 45 minuet session and someone else can then book a 90 minuet session at the same time.

    For example:
    Service name one: Swedish body massage (45 mins)
    Service name two: aromatherapy (60 mins)
    Service name three: Deep tissue massage (90 mins)

    I would like someone to choose which type of service the would like (as this will determine which equipment needs to be taken to the client) and for how long (45 minuets, 60 minuets or 90 minutes) and once their selection has been made and booked no-one else can then book a different service at the same time/date.

    Essentially once a time slot has been booked no-one can then book anything else for that same time slot

    I hope this makes sense.

    Many thanks
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    Greetings from InkThemes!

    One of our Team Members have just replied to you on your email, here I am posting this again for others with the same query.

    All you need to do is just configure the time slots in a way that it won't clash with your other services.

    You can check the duplicate booking is not possible with same services, because the time slot of the previously booked service will be removed from the form this avoids the multiple booking
    ( You made the bookings for two different services).

    Hope you understand...!

    Thanks & Regards,
    Shruti Jain

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