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Discussion in 'BlackBird WordPress Theme' started by marcbookmiller, May 6, 2015.

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    Although my site is still very much a Work in Progress... It's looking like the Blackbird Theme is going to work out well for me (www.inertia-group.com)

    I'd like to perform a few tweaks:

    1. Is there an easy way to put social media icons / links under the contact info (address / phone #) in the header? I like them in the footer, but would also like to have them in the header as well.

    2. I've removed the default search field from the Menu Nav bar, how can I increase the width of the Menu so that it spans the entire bar (putting a couple more items into the menu in place of the removed Search field)?

    3. I'm not crazy about the Yellow highlights on the home page... the thin line under the slider and the circles around the Featured Content... is there an easy way to change that to another color (like maybe Red)?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated... I searched the forum for all this stuff but couldn't find any definitive insight on these things-- I have however found a great many other fixes, so thanks to everyone that has contributed!!
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    As per your queries 1 & 2 , it is possible but some source code customization is required.

    If you wish to perform that task then kindly provide the following information listed below.
    This Thread Link:
    Your Website URL:
    WordPress Username:
    WordPress Password:
    Send this information on our email at [email protected]

    Also for your point 3 if you wish to change the color then you can apply CSS code for that :

    Thin line under the slider apply:

    .slider-wrapper {
      border-bottom: 1px solid red;
    The circles around the Featured Content:

    .feature-content-inner .circle {
      background: red;
    Similarly if you wish to change the some other part let me know I will help you out.

    Also If you are unable to edit the screenshots then you can use http://www.screenpresso.com/ that will help you to create edited screenshots.

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