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Discussion in 'Traffica WordPress Theme' started by shwebb1523, May 19, 2017.

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    May 13, 2017
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    I added a 5th feature to my features boxes.
    http://kcs-mp.com/wordpress/ We are not live until I can fix these issues.
    I would prefer to have them at the original size and all in one line. I have resized them for 3 / 2 but would prefer to have them all 5 in a row.
    In addition to that the text after a space won't show up on the 5th feature box I added. I have underscores on it to show all the text like the other boxes. I have searched high and low to try to find a way to add the text without underscores :(
    The spinner feature is nice but the back of the 5th feature doesn't show the photo like the other boxes and the text has to be underscored there as well.
    Please help me fix this. I have emailed but not sure if anyone is working on this specific issue.

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