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    Oct 3, 2012
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    Dear themes creators

    Your theme "resumeWay" has still different bugs.
    Please check the following points:
    – the type is looking strange (not clean)
    – Sites, which are empty, are also shown in the slide when you change the sites.
    for exemple: skills-section is empty. about- and academics-section are filled.
    so if you change from the about- to the academic-site you can see the page skills in the slider for a short time.
    – a similiar problem is when u change the width of the explorer-window, you'll see also all pages moving trough the slider. except on the "home" page.
    – the portfolio section is downsizing every picture. the "large view" size is only a little bit more than 300px

    i am using OS X 10.9 with Safari and Firefox internet browser.

    i'd be very thankful for your fast help!

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