Colorway is NOT fully Multisite compatible

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    There a multiple issues when using Colorway with a multisite.
    1. Dialog (nag screens) which dont dismiss when you dismiss them.

    2. The panels on the Dashboard of a subsite (in a domain based multisite) dont show/hide - only the 'Welcome ' panel works as it should. See attached screenshot 1

    3. ALL check-all/un-check-all checkboxes are inoperative on ALL tables in the top column. I.e. if you want to select all pages by checking the checkbox at the top of the checkbox column it doesn't work. Its the same for every single table in admin for any Colorway theme subsite. Maybe update your jQuery version. See attached screenshot 2

    4. Cannot access/view media for a theme from the main wp admin side menu - you can only view the site images from within Elementor.

    5. If an entire subsite which is using one of your templates is deleted from WP several tables are left abandoned in the database belonging to Colorway and its associated crappy plugins.

    Your theme needs some serious work to make it fully Multisite compatible.
    You dont need my login credentials - test it on your own servers then fix it. Its simple

    You should update your site info to make this clear to potential downloaders or you'll simply lose paying clients who rightly should demand full refunds. I only tried free and never again ...


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    Warm Wishes From InkThemes,

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    We will check the issue and will let you know about it.


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