Clicking on gallery parent page in menu, should ONLY allow to choose from drop down, as per demo

Discussion in 'Real Photography WordPress Theme' started by rapidweb, Feb 2, 2014.

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    We did a parent page with sub pages for galleries just like in your demo. See attached.

    We want that when site visitors click on "Galleries" they should only be able to click on the sub categories to get to that gallery. But when they click on the top menu "Gallery" it should not go to another page.

    Just like in your demo, when you click on "Interior Design" it does not open any page. The only option is to click on a sub page from the dropdown menu.

    This is our real photo demo sample.png site:
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    Go to Appearance > Menus
    and create a custom menu.

    On the custom menu add the pages with the links that you want.

    The trick is that it won't let you create any page without a link, so you have to give it a random link, add it to the custom menu, and once you added it edit it and delete the URL.

    That should make your button unclickable like you want it.

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    Gourav Shrivastava

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