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Discussion in 'Slice WordPress Theme' started by etmcreative, Feb 22, 2021.

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    I have Slice Pro 2.3 installed on a website that the client hasn't made updates to in quite some time. I would like to upgrade php and wordpress and make sure the site is still ok to keep the same content. I can't tell if the latest Slice theme you have available here is the same theme, it looks so different. Has this older Slice theme been retired or is there an update available somewhere?

    I apologize for not keeping up that site better and hope that I can still manage it without totally redoing the site. Can you help? Thank you!

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    Warm Wishes From InkThemes,

    As I checked with the email address we have found one account with Username: etmcreative Name: Emma Thomas-McGinnis Email: [email protected]

    This account has an active subscription of the theme however the support access and theme update are expired.

    So in order to activate the support and update the theme the account needs to be renewed.

    For renewal please refer to the below link and select the $45 option:

    Once the renewal amount will be paid just let us know we will update the theme as well as resolve the issue for you.


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