Can I use your themes on my site?

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    2 has some limitations like you won't be able to upload themes and plugins of your choice. You can only use themes which are available in their own marketplace and can't use our themes that are built to run on self-hosted WordPress i.e.

    The real power of WordPress comes from the freedom to customize and extend the core functionality. You can not extend the functionality of by uploading plugins. You are given a comprehensive but still a limited set of features. A lot of people who migrate from to self-hosted do so just to take advantage of certain features that come with these amazing plugins.

    Since we deal with WordPress themes and plugin that run on CMS only, you are requested to buy third party hosting like HostGator, GoDaddy, Bluehost, SiteGround etc. and migrate your domain to that so that you can use our themes and other plugins to enjoy the freedom of WordPress website flexibility.

    Once you buy the third party hosting just share the details with us,

    We will give our best in migrating the site from to your new hosting and setup our theme.
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