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Discussion in 'Squirrel WordPress Theme' started by rednotts21, Feb 23, 2017.

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    Jul 1, 2016
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    I've added a blog to my site but am having issues with a couple of points.

    1. I have added my first post to two categories. When I view the main blog page it does not show these categories, it instead lists the post as uncategorised (see. The post is displayed in the correct categories when viewed on it's own page ( see.

    2. I cannot remove the 'Meta' menu from the sidebar. I have removed it from the primary widget section but it is still visible when you view the site.

    Please advise how to fix both issues.

  2. nitin

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    Hi Carl,

    Greetings from InkThemes,

    I have just visited your website and the blog page but didn't notice the issue that you mentioned. The categories for your blog post are being displayed properly.

    Kindly have a look at the attached screenshot.

    Next, to insert your own contents in the sidebar, just go to Dashboard-> Appearance-> Widgets and then from the Home Page Widget Area, just remove all the widgets being displayed in the section.

    Also, after removing every widget. Just drag-and-drop your desired widgets from the list of available widgets on the left and drop it to the Home Page Widget Area.

    Hope this helps...!

    Thanks & Regards!

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