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Malika Rani

Having a record of your web page’s hits helps you to keep an eye on your website and keeps you updated. But most of you could not manage to find the exact resource through which you can implement that feature on your website. Now here is the solution for that. With Content Stats you can track the record of your popular pages or posts.


Let me begin in this way by asking a simple question to all of you.

Is it possible to record hits on 1000 web pages at a time?

Many of you say No! But why ? Because websites with 1000 number of pages becomes quite complicated to traverse. Different users visit uncountable times to each page of your website at any random time. Some web pages are visited larger than the others, it may depend on the user’s interest and its requirement. It is the need of the every website to optimize its web pages regularly according to user’s demand.


But sometimes you may be required to optimize the pages.

How can you know which particular webpage of your website needs to be optimized?

Every business body suffers from this issue, maybe your business is also one of them. It is quite impossible to calculate the each click on every web page and able to figure out most-visited pages and least-visited page. Least visited page of your website should require to make more efficient and user effective whereas most-visited page gives you the knowledge of the user concerned area.

It would be a joyful moment for you if you able to find out the answer for such problem. It’s not only giving your business a great height but also create a positive impact in the customer’s eye. So to take your business standard at peak point I am here to come up with the most exclusive plugin called Content Stats plugin.

content stats plugin view in wordpress theme

You were familiar about the features of the many plugins that you have already used in your websites. They awarded your website with happening functionality and lead you a step ahead as compared to your competitors. Content Stats is one of such plugins that obtain Current Hits, Just Seen & All Time clicks of visitors on your website. Let’s know more about these features.

  • Current Hits show the most popular pages/posts on your website along with their views for last 7 days.
  • Just Seen shows recently visited pages/posts on your website along with their all time views.
  • All Time shows all time popular pages/posts along with their all time views.

In order to sense the actual working of the website there is a need to sustain a long time strike record and check out the customer’s latest point of interest.

You need to follow very simple steps to Install this awesome plugin into your WordPress and accumulate its specialty.

Step#1. Go to Add New plugin option located on the your WordPress dashboard and click on Upload to add a new plugin.

Dashboard -> Plugin -> Add New -> Upload

to upload plugin

Step#2. Now you can select the zip file of the downloaded plugin from your machine and click on Install Now option.

Choose File -> Install Now

step to install plugin

Step#3. Open your Dashboard, select the Installed Plugin option and click on the Activate Plugin option in order to activate the Content Stats Plugin.

step to activate plugin

Once the plugin is activated, the Content Stats option will be displayed on your dashboard and now you can configure it.

How to use Content Stats Plugin ?

Step#1. Under your Dashboard  go to the Appearance option and then select Widgets from sub-options.

step to select widget

Step#2. You can see in the image given below Content Stats widget appear in the Available Widget, just drag the widget from here.

drag plugin

And drop it into any of the widget area.

step to drop widget into sidebar

Step#3. Under Content Stats widget you can set any number in the Number of Records to Show field according to your choice.

step to set number of records

Step#4. Now Current Hits, All Time, Just Seen pages/posts on your website view to your visitors in the front end as you can see in the image given below.

view plugin in a web page

Note : In the above image, I have shown the Content Stats widget in the sidebar however, you can place the widget in any of the footer area. It will look like this.

 view plugin in footer area

If you don’t want to show the pages/posts views to your website visitors then you can remove the Content Stats widget from the widget area so now it will not appear in the front end.

Step#5. Under your Dashboard go to Content Stats option to directly view all the details of the stats.

Current Hits indicates record of pages/posts views in last 7-days

table of current hits

All Time indicates all time views of popular pages/posts record.

all time popular pages/posts

Just Seen shows recently visited pages/posts on your website along with their all time views.

just seen pages/posts record

Graph shows pages/posts statistics on the basis of number of views.

graph of most popular pages/posts


It is very compulsory for a business body to enhance their website efficiency with time.You can take the benefit of this plugin by using it on your website which not only return working model of your business but also helps to burst unnecessary burden of recognizing each web page of your website.

I found an enormous change in my business growth when I pointed towards employing this plugin & I‘m sure by using such plugin your business also reach new heights.

Do let me know what you think about this post. Simply share your thoughts below in the comment box.

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