How Iris Salmins Set Up Her Business With InkThemes & Created 30+ WordPress Sites

Iris Salmins
Iris Salmins

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Who Am I ?

My name is Iris Salmins, founder and owner of Sites by Iris and Houston B2B Network .

Born in Atlanta, GA, I studied Business Administration at the University of Tennessee. I’m a website designer and have been successfully designing websites for 18 years.
Iris Salmins

I started designing websites back in the 1990’s when the Internet was just taking off…

I joined InkThemes in April 2018, and since then I have been a regular customer with this WordPress Brand (almost 4 years now)..

I’m always an adopter of new technologies and trends..

I’m not just a techie and marketing pro though; I’m also a dedicated and inspired artist.

Irsi Salmins - InkThemes User

I devote much of my time behind the scenes, helping other businesses to thrive, also happy to step into the spotlight when it comes to accepting speaking engagements for network meetings and other events where I share helpful information about my passions, Internet marketing, In-person relationship networking and how to navigate the ever-evolving world of social media, SEO and websites.

I’m comfortable in the worlds of art, technology and public speaking.

A quick demo of my website – Sites By Iris

Why I Chose InkThemes For My Start Up

As I mentioned – I have been building websites since 1996. It was a hobby until about 6 years ago.

At that time I started a business and everyone wanted WordPress sites.  Every time I got a new client I would look for a theme for them using whatever theme company seemed to be a fit.

But none of them (which I found), were satisfying the needs of the clients. Sometimes, design issues occurred and there were lots of issues in the theme usage..:(

When I found InkThemes, I began using them on 95% of my sites and have been using them almost exclusively for years! :)

Below is a quick video that I made sharing my experience with InkThemes –

I bought InkThemes Membership Bundle that gave me the freedom to use the themes on unlimited number of domains for unlimited number of clients with LifeTime Support and Updates..

Apart from Sites By Iris (built with WoodPecker WordPress Theme), my latest site is one that is for a network group of which I am the founder. It is Houston B2B Network (built with ButterBelly WordPress Theme).

I just added two employees and am starting a true B2B network group in Houston, which will be the only, open to all B2B industries in-person and online network group in Houston.

Quick snap of my business websites –

Sites By Iris, built on WoodPecker WordPress Theme. I offer web designing services from here.

Sites By Iris

Houston B2B Network, built on ButterBelly WordPress Theme.

Houston B2B Network

My Experience With InkThemes So Far

It’s been amazing…:)

I have created many many sites (almost 30+ sites with InkThemes., since they don’t restrict the theme usage on unlimited domains) and no theme company surpasses InkThemes for design choices (I believe there are over 45 now), reliability, and customer service.

Future Plans

In addition to building websites, I also teach WordPress. Using WordPress with InkThemes is something that anyone (except for seriously computer phobic individuals), can learn quickly and end up with an impressive website..

The future is huge.

As Sites by Iris continues its growth, we will be adding more creative employees to ensure our clients of being able to have impressive fair priced, creative WordPress/InkTheme websites which are delivered in a reasonable amount of time.

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