Why Write Product Reviews And How To Earn Money From It?


Are you looking for ways to earn money? Then, how about writing product reviews and getting paid? Yes! review writing is one of the easiest and fastest ways by which writers can earn money today. The biggest success behind earning money from reviews is a consumer’s concern about a product/service, which he is about to buy.

Almost 10 out of 15 people go and read review sites before getting their hands on a product. With this increasing concern of a consumer, demand for reviews has also increased and so has increased the demand for writing them on review sites.

Rethink Review and affiliate WordPress Theme:

 If you want to setup a platform where people can write reviews of products and services then I would personally recommend you to use Rethink WordPress Theme. This theme is designed especially for such sites.

Rethink Theme offers you to post review about any product and give it rating. People can read your review and can interact with you through comments. This theme is attractive and fully functional. You can see the demo of this theme here.

 Now let’s continue with the topic flow and discuss how one can earn by writing product reviews and by creating a website for reviewing products.

Let’s start with how to earn money through reviews:

1. If you have a blog or website then you can select some products within your niche that you have used and write a review about it. If you have not used any products then invest some money and buy products. Use them and write an honest review of it. Use affiliate program of that product and give a link to that product. When people will read your review and if they will buy through you, you will get your commission. But remember always chose best product to review.

2. Create a review platform for a particular but vast niche. As you would have seen there are too many web hosting companies’ reviews websites so choose some less competitive topic in which you are interested. You can write better if the topic is of your interest so your niche must be of your interest.

3. If your site gets good traffic then you can directly write to companies that you want to review their products in your site and what benefits they will get from your review. If interested they will contact you back and further you can discuss your terms and conditions with them.

Reasons why should you go with “reviews” when there are many other options to earn money online:

1. People buy products online:

I am not talking only about digital products, these days people prefer even other things to buy online. You have endless list of products that you can review and it’s like a win-win game if you are a little bit smart.

2. Now publishing reviews has become easier:

You do not need to spend even a single buck to start your work of publishing reviews. If you are really interested and ready to review a product honestly then there are free blogging platforms which will help you to start. You can use “pay per click” and other ads method to earn some money.

3. The idea of review brings people closer:

With the help of blogs and review sites, people can comment and ask more questions about any product. This conversation brings them closer and builds a relationship. Through social media you and your readers can share your review to help others. This will create a large network after some time and you will be able to earn more and more.


Writing review is a good option and if you are good at writing and evaluating products, if you are good at comparing services and products then I personally recommend you to go for it. Always be honest while writing review because when people purchase product after reading your review it means they trust you so never ever break that trust. I hope this post will help you in some way.

Last Updated on: November 20, 2014

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