Truths And Lies About SEO And Some Modern Time Myths

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These days, every now and then changing SEO guidelines and various reactions and views related to them have made it more complicated than ever before to ascertain a confident and sustainable online marketing strategy.

Not even these rumors build up less confusion and misapprehensions when on one hand you’ve got a dynamic culture that needs to be scrutinized on time with whatever change takes place.

The content marketing strategies for somewhat 90% of marketers is indifferent. Out of the remaining, there are just a few who are creating a difference with their undercover policies.

Some of them claim to demystify the secrets behind the success, which for them becomes an another opportunity to suck in more traffic. And for the followers, it proves nothing more than an another mis hit.

This blog will help you to make sure whether the way that you follow could lead you to your target destination or you will have to return from the half way empty handed. It will help you understand true things about seo.

Following are the general misconceptions that most of the people have these days:

Social Media Signals Drive SEO Or Not?

Google algorithms clearly deny using social signals as a ranking factor, leaving personalized searches via google plus as an exception.

Apart from Google+, not even Google or any other search engine takes social networks as a ranking factor.

These hard words are in real not so hard as they appear to be. This simply means, social factors such as links, likes and etc., won’t be taken as numbers while formulating the ranks.

But the ultimate benefits of social media such as for building up your online visibility, finding out your target audience, and easily connecting with them can’t be taken away from you.

Still, your business certainly would be benefitted if you carry on with a social media strategy without ever looking into social media to drive your rankings on the search engines.

In other words, yes, social media can rank you higher, but from behind the screen without coming into light.

About Seo Meta Tags And Keyword Stuffing – Good or not? 

This myth is far beyond the actual SEO practice when you are searched manually and not by the bots.

Overwhelming your Meta Tags and description with the keyword doesn’t manifest the relevance of your content. What in fact can help you out is the intellectual workout with meta description.

This is a far better option than focusing on Keyword stuffing.

Titles and Meta Description are good, Keyword Meta Tags are a thing of the past that Google doesn’t use to rank your site.

So instead of worrying about Keyword Meta Tags, the best seo technique is  focus your time on writing a great Meta Description that could relate more to the depth of your content.

Guest Posting Is No More A Game Changer

A short while before, people took some special interest in guest blogging and blog hosting, but soon after the message from ‘Matt Cutts’ in the begging of this year came into public, a large section started hesitating, and reformulated their practices.

However, it is simply a misunderstanding for which you can’t blame innocent Matt. This is a clear differential in what he meant in real and what everybody perceived from of his saying.

When he talks about Decay and fall of guest blogging for SEO, He just means, link building for SEO purpose through guest blogging is completely out of the table. Links built through guest blogs won’t occupy a place in the format of the search engine analysis.

However, when telling about search engine calculation, he can just talk about the aspects that search engines take into account for generating search results. That time he’s not supposed to talk about the non mechanical factors such as reputation, etc., that are not directly related to search engine optimization, but play an important role in directing the fans and followers to different platforms that benefits both the guest and the host.

Still, there might be some direct or indirect SEO benefits for guest posting. But here I suggest you to let these be the byproducts and find the beauty of your guest blogging for enhancement of your reputation and visibility at various platforms.

truth about seo

Link Signals for SEO – In or Out?

Many people want link signals to stay as a major ranking factor.

However, many people want Google and other search engines to find another ranking standard as they find links inappropriate for a bunch of reasons.

Both of these arguments have an equal say.

Search engines keep finding out better and better standards and methods to make their search results more appropriate and justified. And no doubt, the links proved to be insignificant for this purpose as these days the widespread spammy websites and links have overwhelmed the search engine analysis and calculation.

But still, so far the search engines don’t have a better ranking signal source than links, and most probably they’ll have to carry on with links for a long time.

When Google declared having tried to implement changes regarding replacement of link signals at times, you can hope for good if you are favoring this.

The best we can make out is that, it’s hardly possible to completely oust the link signals for SEO in spite of its being somewhat inappropriate. From our side, we can provide search engines with more genuine and valuable links keeping an eye on spammy links.

You can refer normally to this blog that will help you to identify spams and distinguish between the fake and the real while building up links–How Spamming Can Affect Your Blog & Website Rank?

Google Author Rank Is Important Ranking Factor

Google fired speculations in the year 2011 introducing authorship markup. Many people started believing that Google would deeply look into attached online profiles and  the most authoritative profiles would be ranked higher.

But in reality, this proves to be a pretty sparse method to determine the relativity of a keyword to its search results. Might possible, relevant contents would always rank lower than the contents with appropriate profiles in case if a well profiled author slightly deviates from the searched keyword.

When all this goes against the values of the search engines who are supposed to generate more and more appropriate results, how can they go that much wrong?

This just provides some more slope to the top seed authors whom people love to read, and Google wants to make them easily available. Hence this model!

Yes, it CAN help you get some recognition. But, you need not stressing this matter for the SEO purpose if you don’t yet have a well attached profile with Google.

It can only be a necessary part of the game if you are playing with above thousand views for your blogs.

What is more important- Good Content or Content Marketing?

Generally, on most of the occasions, people give stress over building up better and better content. What to write, how to write, and how much to write…

For them, the key to success is doing a lot of hard work and a few conventional SEO tactics are just enough.

“Today SEO is only about creating good content and the rest will take care of Itself. If your content is not good, it can ruin your reputation in your audience and you will not get long term benefits if you try to cheat the audience with smart marketing tactics.”

Marketing is secondary to the content quality.

Very much right up to a certain extent, as we can see a few blogs from unrecognized bloggers of insignificant platforms superseding the blogs of  well recognized bloggers on search engines.

Right from here, the above saying about the prevalence of a good content gains momentum over the marketing factor.

good content marketing

But below, still there is enough to challenge this!

“Doesn’t matter how good is your content, it may be a rare one like one in a thousand, but there are thousands of such contents buried under the overwhelming number of contents that are published each day, i.e. somewhere around 2 million. If your marketing is ineffective, even higher potential contents won’t lead to your expectations”.

And yes, there is merit to this saying too, as we often find more worthy contents ranked lower on search engines than the inferior contents. This makes us conclude that the whole game is just about marketing and effective marketing is more important than effective content.

When both the sayings seem to fit appropriate to particular conditions, it is not justified to neglect or focus any one aspect out of the two.

Your piece of marketing is very more effective along with a good content. You still need to build your reputation and visibility along with preparing valuable content. Site so Google and Bing can find it.

Some important tactics for you are as follows:

  • Proper keyword research
  • Building inbound links
  • Implementation of Social media
  • Implementation of Schema on your web site

Google Adwords – An Ultimate SEO Warrior!

Some new things always create confusions for some time. Similar kind of speculation is that, If you pay for Google AdWords, then you’ll rank higher in the organic search. However, there is no factor that indicates the relation of the rise and fall of search ranks from using Adwords.

However, you can utilize AdWords for your SEO purposes!

Need not to be confused with these sentences before I make it quite clear to you. If you perceive Adwords a part of your analysis of your target audiences, till the time you go well.

Just like google analytics implementation can’t rank you well, but can help you to know your stand, similarly with AdWords, you get to know the approach of your audience and your distance with their visibility. This helps in following ways:seo with adwords

  • Proper  Keyword Research with the help of  Google AdWords Keyword Tool. Keywords are an important factor of SEO campaigns and this gives you an idea about what users are searching for.
  • Ensure The Effectiveness Of Keywords You Have Picked.
  • For Getting a Better Click Thru Rate.

The Final Words

Yes, changes are required with time. But no harm in making slow changes to your SEO practices, this is another best seo part!

As that would be far better than falling into wrong practices and wasting your efforts. All this becomes more crucial if you are somewhat an inexperienced person in such field.

Try to break your target into segments that will make it more achievable. SEO may appear at once as a complicated task, but that doesn’t mean you would lag behind if you are not from the IT!

If your current marketing strategy doesn’t work, that just means you need to learn a few fundamentals that will surely lead you to an average level provided you don’t opt for any black hat tricks. The rest of the things are a matter of experience that comes with time.

Apart from this, it will be good to use available tools for analysis that help in drawing out your own conclusions which is more valuable than the guidances from even the most trusted ones.

Make clear basics about seo, get hands on experiences with well approved tactics, understand things well before implementation, stick to things that are proving to be beneficial, and keep filtering your SEO practices along with time.

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