Some Great WordPress Plugins To Drive More Traffic

By Sanjeev Shrivastava

Every blogger wants huge traffic to their blog, they their blog posts read and shared by their visitors. I have already mentioned about how to drive traffic to your website. I am writing this post especially for bloggers who use wordpress as their blogging platform. There are several plugins that will help you to boost up your traffic and get quality visitors. These plugins may have some different main purpose but directly or indirectly they help you get more visitors. So here we go:


PopUp Domination:

PopUp domination is one of the most powerful plugin to increase your subscribers by a huge ratio. It is really good at attracting new visitors by poping up a form when they visit the site for the first time. I recommend this plugin to all who want to build email list so that they can directly reach their customers inbox to notify them for new products releases.

To download this plugin click here.

Tweet Old Post:

Usually it happens with most of the blogger that their awesome blogpost just get placed in old archives.  To write such a great blogpost, bloggers usually spend their precious time in writing but it hurts when their posts just get settled in old archives after some time. This plugin works as a wizard and puts life in old blog posts by tweeting them again and again so that new visitors can see them easily.  This plugin offers you many options like include links; add additional text, number of posts a day and many more. New people will come naturally after regularly tweets and this plugin is very good at it.

To download this plugin click here.

Facebook Social Plugin:

You will find this plugin in most of the blogs. Almost everyone has a facebook account so why not grab your visitors through their Facebook profile. The official facebook version of this plugin is a large square box which shows profile picture of those who like your blog post and offers a “like” option there so that people can like your post without switching in their facebook page.

To download Facebook official plugin click here. You can also download other variations of this plugin from

Sharebar – Social Media Slider:

This plugin is very helpful for visitors if they want to like, share, tweet or dig your blog post. This plugin offers all these options just beside your blog post so that your readers do not need to scroll through your page to find these options. You may customize these plugins and add other social sites of your choice so that your readers can share the post on that social site. The main advantage of this plugin is that it manages itself to be at the screen, when user scrolls down through the page it keeps itself scrolling up. This way the share bar remains at screen all the time and user does not need to find share option in the page.

To download this plugin click here

Show Top Commentators:

It’s a great idea to show top commentators in your blog, give ranks to them and offer some prize to the top commentator. This will help you in getting more comments in your blog. Fortunately you already have a plugin which will work for you. This plugin encourages people to comment more and get in the list of top most commentators. This is a good way to grow your readers and visitors interaction.

To download this plugin click here.

Post to Twitter:

This plugin posts any content to twitter that you publish on wordpress. Its pleasurable when you get all these tasks done automatically. If you have more number of twitter followers then this plugin would be of great help for you.

To download this plugin click here.

All in One SEO Pack:

This is one of the most popular plugin in wordpress plugin repository. It’s very easy to use. You do not need to be SEO expert in order to know how to handle this plugin. You will start getting good results once this plugin starts working for your blog. I recommend this plugin to everyone who wants their blog to be Google friendly.

To download this plugin click here.

Facebook Comments for WordPress:

This plugin works with Facebook as well as wordpress and this gives advantage to most of the blogs. People can directly comment on blog posts through their facebook accounts. They can also share what they have commented to their facebook page . “post to facebook” function allows user to post their comments to facebook account.

To download this plugin click here.


All these plugins are helpful in driving great traffic to your blog. The main thing depends on how you use them and choose the best plugin depending upon your need.  I hope this post helped you in some way. Please share your favorite plugin to drive traffic.

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