Reset Your WordPress Login Password – Advance Approach

If you have multiple blogs then you know how difficult it is to manage username and passwords of each individual blog/websites. As you cannot set same password for all your  websites because of security issues. Most of the users generally come across the problem of forgetting their passwords. I have seen many people asking how to change password of their WordPress site if traditional method of resetting password via email is not working. Yes there are many cases when you do not receive any email from WordPress to reset your password, it may happens because either you enter wrong email address or some other server side technical issues.

Recently I came across a query from an user who says “I have been logout of my website for 2weeks now it will not email me a reset password to my email what can I do?

Well whatever the case may be, I will tell you a universal solution to reset your password. So here is the situation under which you are locked out of WordPress site:

  • You are not able to login because you don’t have either correct password or username.
  • You have correct email but you are not able to reset your password because WordPress is not sending you reset instructions in your email.

So what can you do at this stage? This tutorial will guide you how you can reset your password in an advance way. You need to have admin access to your cpanel of your webhost. If you are owner of your website then you would have a cpanel, login to your cpanel account and then go to ‘PhpMyAdmin’ option.


Here you will see all the databases listed on left side, select the database of the website for which you want to reset password.  After selecting the correct database look for a table named “wp-users”, browse this table and you will see data inside the table.


Once you click “browse”, it will take you inside the table:


Select the row by checking at username for which you want to reset your password. Click on edit to change the password. Now here you will have to focus while editing your password, WordPress uses md5 encryption technique to store your password so you will also have to store encrypted password.

How to encrypt using md5 algorithm?

There are various online web tools which help you to encrypt your passed string. One of them is You can use its service to encrypt your desired password.


Note: You can also use PhpMyAdmin to encrypt your string using md5 algo. All you have to do is to select MD5 function from the drop down list and enter the plain password.

Once you have copied the MD5 hash of your password. Click on edit and you will get options to update values in the table:


You are done..!! Yes now you can login with your new password. As I told you that you can also encrypt your string to MD5 hash using phpMyAdmin also. All you have to select a function (In our case its MD5) which will encrypt it before inserting it into database table.


This is a universal way which will reset your password.

Note: You can reset your password using this method if you have access to phpMyAdmin. Else you can ask your web-host provider to grant you access to cpanel. Its easy but you should concentrate while updating records in database. Share this post to help others.

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