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It is the problem of most new wordpress user that either they don’t like admin interface or they are used to some other CMS and their admin interface. As everyone have their specific preferences. I am writing this post to help you improve user interface of your wordpress site. You can customize and edit your wordpress site admin panel up to some extent.

The biggest thing is you do not need to be coding expert, wordpress has a lot of useful plugins in its vast repository. You can use these plugins to setup more user friendly interface, set up some thing that will be friendlier to you, make things in your own way:

Here is the list of all those wonderful plugins:

1. Admin Menu Editor:

 This plugin allows you to change the name of menu items and change their position.

This plugin is very useful and some of its features are:

  • It allows you to edit menu items, you can change Menu titles, access rights, icons etc
  • Allows you to drag and drop menu items
  • It allows you to hide menu items
  • Creates custom menu and can link them to a URL.

After saving

To download this plugin click here.

2. Admin Menu:

This plugin places important admin link at the top of your site on the front end. when you create a static page using its New Page link, it automatically sets the new page’s parent to the ongoing page.

To download this plugin click here

3. Admin Menu Tree Page View:

This plugin is crucial for websites having huge number of Pges(not posts). This plugin arranges all the pages in a tree page view. With the updated version of this plugin you can order your pages with drag and drop options.

To get this plugin Click Here

4. Notifications for Collapsed Admin Menu:

Highlights the comments and plugins icons in the collapsed admin sidebar menu when notifications are pending. WordPress also offers you this facility but when sidebar menu is expanded, but this plugin allows you to view the notifications even if the sidebar is collapsed.

To download this plugin Click Here

5. Post and Page Counter for Admin Menu:

This plugin acts as your personal counter, it shows you the number of Posts or Pages. You can set the state in plugins setting and then this plugin will show you number pf Pages and Posts in that particular state (pending,draft,published etc)

To download this plugin Click here

6. Ultimate Admin Bar:

This plugin shifts your admin menu side bar to the top of the page. Those who do not prefer the admin options on the left can use this plugin to have all the things at the top of your admin page. This plugin gives you more screen space and all the important admin menus will always appear at the top of screen despite of how down you scroll the page.

To download this plugin Click Here

7. Admin-Colour:

This plugin is just to make your admin panel attractive and colorful. Suppose you are making any site for your non-technical clients, then you can color any menu or other things which you think they should not mess with. And inform them about that colored section.

To get this plugin Click Here

8. Post Status Menu Items:

This is again a handy plugin which extends your Posts menu section to include links for the status of different posts.

To download this plugin Click Here.


There are many other plugins for customizing admin interface of wordpress to make it the way you like it. These were some of them which I found interesting and will be helpful to peoples. Please comment other admin plugins that you have used.

Last Updated on: November 19, 2014

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